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Bin Laden Blames the “Israel Lobby” for the September 11 Attacks

Posted: September 16, 2009

Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden cited America’s relationship with Israel as the motivation behind the September 11 terrorist attacks, in an audio message posted on Web sites commonly used by Islamic militants.


The 11-minute message, titled “Statement to the American People,” was released on September 13, 2009, by Al Sahab, Al Qaeda’s media wing.  In the message, bin Laden said that Al Qaeda’s dispute with the American people is based on “your support of your allies; the Israeli occupiers of our land in Palestine.”  He goes on to say that Israel, “along with other injustices,” motivated Al Qaeda to carry out the September 11 terrorist attacks.


Bin Laden accused the “Israel lobby” of running the White House, and he encouraged Americans to liberate themselves “from the fear and mental terrorism that the neo-conservatives and the Israeli Lobby have used to manipulate you.”  This manipulation, he explained, is what caused Al Qaeda to attack America.  He continued, “Is your own security, blood, children, money, jobs, homes, economy, and reputation more important to you, or do you prefer the safety of the Israelis, their children, and economy?”


Bin Laden also said that Al Qaeda is fighting “to liberate our land,” and that they “will not abandon Al-Aqsa mosque.”  He said that Americans should be sympathizing with the Palestinians, while “above them the Zionists pour down burning American-made white-phosphorus bombs.”


Also in the message, bin Laden explained that President Obama is “a weak man who cannot stop the war like he promised.”  But, he said, if America does want to end the war, including ending their relationship with Israel, “then so be it.  But otherwise, it is inevitable that we will continue our war of extermination against you on all possible fronts.”


During the audio message, bin Laden recommended three books to read that he said will “give you the truth.”  The books include The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy by John Mearsheimer and Steven Walt, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid by former President Jimmy Carter, and Apology of a Mercenary by a former CIA agent.  The latter book does not appear to be the correct title, but it may be referring to Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins, which Adam Gadahn referred to in his April 2009 video.

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