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Virginia Man Behind South Park Threats Encourages Parents to Teach Children about Jihad

Updated: July 23, 2010

Posted: July 6, 2010

The Virginia man who threatened the creators of South Park for their depiction of the Prophet Muhammad has distributed a 25-page report on how to teach Western children the values of Jihad.


Zachary Chesser, who distributes jihadist materials and promotes violence against non-Muslims through a variety of online platforms, wrote and distributed the report on Islamic message boards on which users frequently distribute terrorist propaganda on June 28, 2010. The following month, Chesser was arrested and charged with attempting to travel to Somalia to fight with an Al Qaeda-linked terrorist group.


Titled, "Raising Al-Qaa'ida: A Look into the Long Term Obligations of the Global Jihaad Movement," Chesser's report suggests creating a "normalization of the notion of dying for the sake of Allah" in the "masaajid [mosques], the schools and the homes."


"Rather than fret over how to keep their children away from the worst of things (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, fornication, etc.)," Chesser wrote, "parents of today are fretting over how to keep their children away from the best of things (martyrdom and jihaad in Allah's Cause)." Chesser encouraged mothers to "do arts and crafts that in some way show support for jihaad… making flags, quilts, tin foil swords…"  He also suggested playing childhood games with children that "carry a theme of jihaad," telling them bedtime stories about warriors in Islam and teaching children "how to shoot things."


In addition to targeting children, Chesser also stresses the importance of women finding ways for themselves to participate in a global jihad movement. "Sisters are the most important to inspire in order to ensure the long term success of the movement. They are the ones responsible for producing a new generation of mujaahidiin, and if we neglect them in our works, then we should not be surprised when they neglect our children as they raise them."


Chesser's effort to ensure the longevity of a global jihad movement goes beyond this one report.  He continually distributes materials online that publicize terrorist propaganda, endorse suicide attacks and espouse hatred against Jews, Israel and Shi'a Muslims. For example, in a June 2010 post on Al Faloja forum, Chesser encouraged a campaign of fake attacks, including leaving an abandoned car in Times Square or a bag near the White House.  Fake attacks, Chesser said, will desensitize the public and law enforcement and could lead to people assuming that these incidents are always fake, which "would be of great help to the mujahidiin." 


Chesser was the focus of national attention in April 2010 after he threatened the creators of South Park for satirizing issues surrounding the depiction of the Prophet Muhammad.  He posted several of the threats on the Web site of Revolution Muslim, a fringe anti-Semitic Muslim organization that justifies terrorist attacks and other forms of violence against non-Muslims. Chesser appears to be an emerging leader of the group.

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