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American Al Qaeda Spokesman Threatens Jews

Posted: June 18, 2009

Adam Yahiye Gadahn, an American who joined Al Qaeda in the late 1990s, threatened to attack “Zio-Crusader interests everywhere” in a video released by Al Sahab, Al Qaeda’s media wing, on June 13, 2009.


In the video, titled "Let's Continue Our Jihad and Sacrifice," Gadahn said, "Zio-Crusader interests everywhere are legitimate targets for us." He also warned that the Mujahideen, or Muslim warriors, will support the Palestinian people, "with our weapons, funds and Jihad against the Jews and their allies everywhere."


Gadahn also criticized U.S. President Barack Obama, accusing his administration of being led by a "clique of Zionist Jews and Zionized Christians." He claimed that Obama supports "Jewish crime" and approved the "Gaza Holocaust," in a reference to Israel's military action in Gaza to stop Hamas rockets from being fired at Israeli towns and cities in January 2009. Gadahn told his audience that they must "never forget" this Holocaust, otherwise "it won't be long before we suffer a new massacre and another holocaust."


Gadahn, who converted to Islam as a teenager, discussed his Jewish ancestry in the video, explaining that his "grandfather was a Zionist, and a zealous supporter of the usurper entity, and a prominent member of a number of Zionist hate organizations." According to Gadahn, his grandfather urged him to visit Tel Aviv and he justified the "Jews' rape of Muslim Palestine," but Gadahn said that he did not succumb to his grandfather's call. Instead, Gadahn explained, God placed him on a different path "of those who perform Jihad against Zio-Crusader terrorism everywhere and combat its agents without leniency and without respect for national ties or material or political interests."


Gadahn has been featured in several videos produced by Al Sahab since 2004. His video appearances, which are mostly in English and geared toward Western audiences, demonstrate his anti-Semitic and anti-Christian views and have consistently been marked by threats against America and its allies.

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