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Islamic Terrorist Group Threatens to Attack Germany and Jews

Posted: April 24, 2009

An Al Qaeda linked terrorist group reportedly threatened to attack the “criminal” German government and German Jewish citizens in a video posted on the Internet on April 10, 2009.


The video, titled “Victory or Shahada (Martyrdom),” was released by Studio Jundullah (Arabic for “Army of God”), the media wing of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), a U.S. designated terrorist group that aims to overthrow the current Uzbek regime and establish an Islamic state throughout Central Asia


Authorities believe that the video was released to coincide with a major Islamic terrorism trial in Duesseldorf, Germany that began on April 22, 2009.  In the trial, three Germans and one Turkish national are facing charges for plotting attacks against targets frequented by U.S. nationals, including a U.S. military base in Hanau.


According to German officials, the three suspects are linked to the Islamic Jihad Group (IJG), a splinter organization of the IMU.  IJG is believed to be behind the 2004 suicide attack against the Israel and U.S. embassies in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, that killed two people and injured nine others.    


In the video, a man identified as “Commander Mohammed” criticized the German government and Jews by saying, “Your grandfather Hitler killed the Jews, but today your sons are in the service of the Jews.”  In reference to the “Palestinian situation,” Mohammed hoped for “our martyrdom in Palestine and their martyrdom…we are with them, and they are with us.”


Two other men, identified in the video as Abu Adam and Abu Ibraheem, are reportedly German brothers of Moroccan descent, according to German officials.  Speaking in a mixture of German and Arabic, Abu Adam called for war against “infidels” and Abu Ibrahim praised the September 11 terrorist attacks and called for others to engage in terrorist activities.  “Pray to Allah that he may open your way to Jihad… The best time in our lives is when we see the bombs falling,” he said.


Abu Ibrahim also expressed his enjoyment of “being in the crosshairs of the Americans, in the hail of bullets of NATO, and under the Tornado airplanes of Germans.”  Later in the video he revealed, “I came to Afghanistan not only to kill but also to be killed.”


The brothers, whose real names are Yassin and Mounir Chouka, have appeared in several videos in the past year released by Studio Jundullah.


IJG, which splintered off from IMU in 2002, has also recently released several videos on the Internet, including one in January 2009 where a German-speaking militant reportedly stated, “Allah willing, we, the mujahideen from the Islamic Jihad Union, will someday reach Tel Aviv, Haifa, Siderot, and throughout all of Israel and Jerusalem. Allah willing, we will seize the uniforms of the Israeli soldiers as booty."

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