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Web Sites Endorse Attack of U.S. Embassy in Indonesia

Posted: June 6, 2005

Two Web sites providing information and advice on the best way to bomb the U.S. Embassy in Indonesia were posted on the Internet on May 25.


One of the Web sites, which included the term “istimata” in its address (“istimata” means “suicide brigade” in Indonesian), provided instructions on the best ways to attack the building.  According to news reports, the site explained that “using a grenade launcher is an effective measure that can go through the parking area and blast the side of the building that is situated next to the ambassador’s room.”  The instructions also explained that “the use of the suicide bomber is possible if using...150 kilograms (330 pounds) of TNT which could produce a blast impact more than 30 meters (98 feet) wide.”


The site, registered in Malaysia, was posted utilizing a free Internet provider that resells Web addresses with the country code for the Pacific island country of Nauru; users can purchase and establish a free site simply by providing a valid email address.


Another related site, created at the same time, included a diagram of the U.S. Embassy with floor plans of rooms and the ambassador’s office, as well as a map of where cameras and metal detectors are located.  The site had instructions in Indonesian and an English heading:  “Brigade Istimata International: Attack Mission to US Embassy.”


American diplomatic offices across Indonesia, including the U.S. embassy in Jakarta, were closed on the same day that the sites were launched; authorities cited unspecified “security threats” for the closings.  U.S. Embassy officials confirmed they were made aware of the Web site but did not indicate whether the threats led to the closure of the facilities.


The sites are similar to those attributed in 2002 to Abdul Aziz (a.k.a. Imam Samudra), who was charged with the Bali bombings that killed more than 200 people.  At that time, Indonesian police found a statement claiming responsibility for the Bali attacks on a Web site saying it was made “to answer the questions believers have on the Bali blast incidents.”  A laptop found when Aziz was captured had been used to create the site. 

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