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Self-Proclaimed “Jihad Brigades in Palestine” Claims Missile Attack on Jewish Settlement

Posted: August 8, 2005

A group calling itself “Jihad Brigades in Palestine – the military wing of Al Qaeda in Palestine” posted a link on an Al Qaeda affiliated Web site to an online video taking credit for missile attacks on Jewish settlements in Gaza at the end of July.


Five Qassam rockets landed in open areas near the southern town of Sderot on July 29 and 30, however, Israeli authorities have not attributed the attacks to any group.


The video, which stresses that the group’s leadership is seeking jihad and not willing to compromise like Palestinian politicians, shows three masked men with weapons (see below).


One of the men, reading from a piece of paper, says that the group is “not a new organization in Palestine” and that the attack was part of the greater Islamic jihad being carried out by “our Mujahideen brothers in the international Al Qaeda against the Jews and Crusaders.”


The video, posted on August 1 to a German server that allows visitors to upload materials, also shows apparent members setting up a missile, readying it for launch and firing it off. 


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