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Road Rage Incident Linked to Seattle Terror Plot

UPDATE: On May 23, 2012, McCright pleaded guilty to reduced charges of felony harassment and attempted malicious mischief.

Posted: September 26, 2011

A Seattle man with alleged ties to a suspected terrorist has been arrested for attempting to attack Marines using his vehicle.


Michael Dale McCright, 28, was arrested on September 8, 2011, on charges stemming from a July 2011 incident in which he allegedly attempt to force two Marines off a highway.  McCright, who called himself "Mikhail Jihad" on MySpace, is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and vehicular assault.


The Marines were leaving the same Military Entrance Processing Station that Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif and Walli Mujahid had planned to attack using automatic weapons and grenades a month earlier.


According to the Marines, McCright slowed his vehicle as he approached theirs and then swerved into their lane, forcing the Marines to enter the emergency lane. He then accelerated and aggressively braked in front of the Marines, forcing them to take "evasive action to avoid a collision."


The Marines, who wrote down McCright's license plate number and called 911 to report the incident, identified McCright from a photo line-up prepared by the FBI. 


According to court documents, McCright's cell phone had been used to call Abdul-Latif on three occasions prior to Abdul-Latif's arrest in June. The same document notes that "the FBI is continuing to investigate defendant McCright's possible connection to domestic terrorism."


If convicted, McCright faces life in prison due to Washington's "Three Strikes Law."  His prior convictions include robbery and assault among other felonies. 

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