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American Admits to Funneling Thousands of Dollars to Al Qaeda

Posted: June 2, 2010

A Kansas City man who swore an oath of allegiance to Al Qaeda has pleaded guilty to funneling thousands of dollars to the international terrorist network.


Khalid Ouazzani, 32, pleaded guilty on May 19, 2010, to conspiracy to provide material support to a terrorist organization, money laundering and bank fraud for funneling thousands of dollars in fraudulent bank loans to Al Qaeda.  The charges against Ouazzani, who faces a maximum sentence of 65 years in prison, were originally filed in a sealed indictment on February 3, 2010.


Ouazzani, a naturalized American citizen from Morocco, provided Al Qaeda with more than $23,000 in fraudulent bank loans, according to the plea agreement.  In April 2007, Ouazzani obtained loans by entering false financial information about his Kansas City-based used car and auto parts dealership. Four months later, Ouazzani sent Al Qaeda additional funds that he earned from selling his car business.


The plea agreement further stated that Ouazzani bought several houses in Kansas City and St. Louis at foreclosure sales and later misrepresented the value of those properties to obtain home equity loans at an increased price.  In the summer of 2008, Ouazzani used those funds to buy an apartment in the United Arab Emirates, which he later sold for a $17,000 profit that was diverted to Al Qaeda, according to the plea agreement.


That same summer, Ouazzani swore an oath of allegiance to Al Qaeda and discussed with others additional ways to support the international terrorist network, including fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq or Somalia.


Ouazzani is the latest American Muslim extremist to be charged, convicted or sentenced for terror-related offenses in 2010.  For more information, see: Criminal Proceedings in 2010.

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