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PFLP Launches English Language Web Site

Posted: January 8, 2008

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a terrorist organization responsible for attacks against Israelis since the late 1960s, has launched an English-language Web site in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of its founding.


The English-language Web site, which the PFLP claims to have launched in December 2007, is less radical than its Arabic language site, which includes articles endorsing the launching of missile attacks against Israel, often referred to as “Zionist settlements.” 


While the Arabic site includes articles describing the ideal qualities of a “martyr” and justifying acts of violence “against the ruthless enemy,” the English site does not explicitly incite violence (although it does encourage “the resistance in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and elsewhere”).  The English site focuses instead on encouraging people to attend events, rallies and demonstrations, and to support new initiatives of the Palestinian people in order to reclaim national identity. 


The PFLP site describes itself as a “vehicle for broader communication on an international level, as an occasion for improving and building upon our international media work, making the voices of our people, in our occupied homeland and in exile, available directly to all forms of English-speaking media.” 


The site consists of various articles, press releases and videos, as well as profiles on three PFLP leaders: general secretary Ahmad Sa’adat, former general secretary Abu Ali Mustafa and founder George Habash.


The site also includes a campaign by PFLP to end its designation as a terrorist organization by the U.S.  It claims that the U.S. designation of 2001 is an attempt to threaten freedom of speech and to criminalize national resistance movements as terrorist organizations.  Readers are urged to email letters in support of the PFLP’s call to end the designation.


In addition, the site asks Arab and international institutions and human rights organizations to intervene and investigate the condition of prisoners in Israeli jails. 


Other terrorist organizations have created English-language Web sites that similarly provide a more moderate portrayal.  For example, the English-language Web site of Izzedeen al-Qassam Brigades, the armed military wing of Hamas, employs terms like freedom, rights and combating terrorism, essentially portraying the IQB as a defensive organization facing a powerful enemy bent on destroying the Palestinian people. The Arabic site, however, touts the IQB as offensive mujahideen waging jihad, detailing every single attack and shelling on Israel in “military reports.”

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