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Suicide Bomber Detonates Himself in Internet Cafe

Posted: March 19, 2007

A Moroccan man, who allegedly planned to attack landmarks in Casablanca, blew himself up in an Internet cafe on March 11, 2007.


Abdelfattah Raydi, 23, killed himself and wounded four people when he detonated an explosive belt at the cafe in Sidi Moumen.  According to authorities, Raydi reportedly entered the cafe to get last-minute instructions over the internet on where to discharge his bomb.  It went off accidentally after a scuffle with the cafe owner.


Raydi was reportedly part of a group of suicide bombers who planned to attack landmarks in Casablanca, including a police station, hotel and other public places.


Raydi was sentenced to five years in jail in 2003 when the government rounded up more than 2,000 radical Islamists after suicide bombings killed over 30 in Casablanca that year.  Raydi, however, was granted a royal pardon two years later.


Raydi’s apparent accomplice, Youssef Khoudri, was also injured in the blast.  He fled the scene of the explosion, leaving behind his explosive belt, but was arrested a few miles away.


Moroccan police have detained over a dozen people they suspect of having links with Raydi, according to a government spokesperson. 

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