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Backgrounder: Revolution Muslim RULE Abdullah al-Faisal

Posted: June 30, 2010

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Abdullah al-Faisal, a Jamaica-born Muslim preacher who served four years in a British prison for urging his followers to kill non-Muslims, including Americans, Hindus and Jews, is the "imam and spiritual advisor" of Revolution Muslim (RM).


RM distributes al-Faisal's CDs and posts videos of his lectures and his writings to its Web site. In addition, members who collect cash donations during RM's outdoor demonstrations outside mosques and online through RM's Web site may also support al-Faisal financially.   


In a January 26, 2010, interview with RM which was posted on RM's YouTube channel, al-Faisal told RM cofounder
Younes Abdullah Muhammad that Muslims "can help me by complying with the requests of RM…for material or donations or equipment." In the interview, al-Faisal, who had just returned from a tour of Africa that ended with his detention in Kenya, also thanked RM supporters "for their physical and moral support" during his ordeal. 


Al-Faisal was detained on December 31, 2009 by authorities in Kenya while on a tour of Africa, where he claimed to have visited 350 mosques in 10 countries. The Kenyan authorities explained that al-Faisal was a security risk. After about three weeks, al-Faisal was deported back to Jamaica on board a charted privet jet. 


His detention sparked violent demonstrations in Nairobi by Muslim supporters. In January 15, clashes resulted in the death of one demonstrator and injuries to law enforcement agents. Some of the protesters covered their faces and waved flags of Al Shabaab in Somalia, which declared jihad against Kenya the following month. The Kenyan government contended that some of the protesters were in fact Al Shabaab militants.  


Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Faisal (also spelled El-Faisal) was born Trevor Forrest in Jamaica. He converted to Islam when he was 16 and moved to Britain as a young man. In 1992, after several years of studying religion in Saudi Arabia, he returned to Britain and became a preacher at the Brixton Mosque in London, where he delivered very radical speeches to crowds of up to 500 worshipers.


In 2003, al-Faisal was sentenced in a court in London to nine years for inciting racial hatred and murder. The sentence was later reduced to seven years and in May 2007 he was paroled and deported to Jamaica.


In his UK sermons prior to his arrest, al-Faisal encouraged Muslims 15 and older to get weapon training during school vacations and to assume a "jihad mentality." In his speeches he said that non-Muslims, including Hindus and Jews, should be killed like "cockroaches." In one lecture he said that the "filthy Jews [were] evil to the core." In a recorded speech that was carried shortly after the September 11 attack and presented as evidence at the trial, al-Faisal, argued that it is "permissible to drop bombs on a kuffar nation" and that women and children who may be hurt are "collateral damage" and Muslims will "become martyrs." 

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