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2005: Another Deadly Year in Islamic Terrorism RULE Looking Ahead: 2006

Posted: March 7, 2006

Targeting the West at Home and Abroad
The Expanding Threat in Iraq
Continuing Problems in South Asia
Al Qaeda & Affiliates
Achieving Electoral Success
Jihad On-line
Notable Arrests & Convictions
Looking Ahead: 2006

As 2006 begins, Islamic terrorism shows no signs of abating. 


Sectarian violence instigated by Islamic extremists in Iraq threatens to deteriorate into civil war.  Additionally, the terrorist infrastructure in Iraq continues to evolve as six of the country's terrorist groups, including Al Qaeda in Iraq, announced the creation of a new, umbrella organization to unify their efforts and coordinate future attacks. 


Despite the U.S. led war on terror, Al Qaeda leaders have demonstrated their resolve, issuing statements in an effort to direct the overall direction of their movement, including a rare audio recording from Osama bin Laden and a new video from his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri.  If 2005 is any indication, Al Qaeda affiliate groups around the world are likely to expand their operations, especially those active is South Asia and Europe.


The continued electoral success of Hamas, which won control of the Palestinian Legislative Council in January, will present difficult challenges for Democratic nations and institutions who seek a democratized and peaceful region.  Hamas, like other Islamic extremist groups, has also expanded its use of modern technology by launching Al Aksa TV, its new television station, in the Gaza Strip on January 7, 2006. 


Finally, the controversy and violence that erupted around the world in response to the printed caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed in European newspapers in 2006 may be used by Islamic extremists as further justification for terrorist acts against the West.  


Though law enforcement agencies continue to work together to exert pressure on terrorist elements, Islamic extremists will continue their campaign of terror in 2006.

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