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Al Qaeda’s Deputy Releases New Video

Posted: February 1, 2006

In a video broadcast by Arab satellite television, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Al Qaeda’s second in command, taunted President Bush and said he escaped a U.S. air strike in Pakistan earlier this month.


In the video, which aired on the Arab-language network Al Jazeera on January 30, 2006, Zawahiri wore white robes and a white turban and called President Bush a “butcher” and a “liar” and asked, “Do you know where I am? I am among the Muslim masses.”


In reference to the January 13 U.S. air strike that killed four Al Qaeda leaders in the eastern Pakistan village of Damadola, Zawahiri says: “The American planes raided in compliance with [Pakistani President] Musharraf the traitor and his security apparatus, the slave of the Crusaders and the Jews.”


Zawahiri also said the American people “are drowning in illusions” and the country’s leaders “are keen to accumulate wealth, insist on throwing you in battles and killing your souls in Iraq and Afghanistan and – God willing – on your own land.”

The Egyptian exile, who has been indicted for his alleged role in the bombings of the
U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya in 1998, previously released a video message on January 6. Two weeks later, an audiotape of Zawahiri reciting poetry to jihadists appeared on the Internet.


This latest video from Zawahiri follows a January 19 audiotape from bin Laden, which warned of new attacks inside the U.S., while also offering a conditional truce.

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