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The Militia Watchdog has many resources for prosecutors and civil attorneys who must deal with sovereign citizens, tax protesters, militia members, or other extremists.  The entire site is worth exploration.  However, the following resources may be of particular interest:

Special Contributor Section:  Idiot Legal Arguments Cite Collection (a must for attorneys!)  

Law librarian Bernard Sussman has compiled the ultimate collection of legal citations related to the bizarre pseudolegal arguments used by "patriots" in court.  This huge collection can be of great value.

Militia Watchdog Mailing List.

The Militia Watchdog Mailing List provides valuable information-sharing for prosecutors and others who must deal professionally with right-wing extremists.

Militia: History and Law FAQ.

The FAQ provides legal and historical information about the legality of paramilitary groups in the United States.

Special Report #4: Common Law and Uncommon Courts: An Overview of the Common Law Court Movement.

The Common Law Court report is about more than simply the "common law court" phenomenon, which largely died out by the end of the 1990s.  It also describes the ideology and beliefs of the "sovereign citizens" who composed the movement, and who are still very active today.

Special Report #6:   Paper Terrorism's Forgotten Victims:  The Use of Bogus Liens against Private Individuals and Businesses.

The Forgotten Victims report details the use of a common "sovereign citizen" harassing tactic against private citizens.

Special Report #7:  Trusts and the Untrustworthy:  "Pure Trusts" and "Patriots for Profit".

The Pure Trust report explains in great detail one of the biggest scams currently being marketed on the extreme right.

Special Report #9:  Strange Territory:  Ideology and Competency in the Courtroom.

The Competency report examines the complexities involved in determining competency for people who have very unusual belief systems.

Old Wine, New Bottles:  Paper Terrorism, Paper Scams, and Paper 'Redemption'

The Redemption bulletin describes the origins, nature, and use of what is currently the most popular "sovereign citizen" tactic.

The Famous "Militia Watchdog Links Page."

This page has copious links to a variety of extremist-related sites.


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