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The Militia Watchdog website has a great amount of material of potential interest to journalists exploring the extreme right.  Journalists should examine the entire site.  However, a number of items could conceivably be of particular interest; they are listed below.

Militia Watchdog Mailing List.  This is a private mailing list for people who have a professional interest in understanding the extreme right.  Subscribers include law enforcement officers, academics, public officials, civil rights organizations, and many journalists, especially those for whom the far right is a "beat."  It is a great way to ask questions, get info, make contacts, and learn the latest news. 


Calendar of Conspiracy.  The Calendar of Conspiracy is a quarterly chronology of extremist-related criminal activity, arranged by date and state.  It is very valuable in terms of providing another way to measure levels of activity, trends, and the ability of law enforcement to combat criminal extremists.

    1. Calendar Volume 1, Numbers 1 & 2 combined (January -- June 1997)
    2. Calendar Volume 1, No. 3 (July -- September 1997)
    3. Calendar Volume 1, No. 4 (October -- December 1997)
    4. Calendar Volume 2, No. 1 (January -- March 1998)
    5. Calendar Volume 2, No. 2 (April -- June 1998)
    6. Calendar Volume 2, No. 3 (July -- September 1998)
    7. Calendar Volume 2, No. 4 (October -- December 1998)
    8. Calendar Volume 3, No. 1 (January -- March 1999)
    9. Calendar Volume 3, No. 2 (April -- June 1999)
    10. Calendar Volume 3, No. 3 (July -- September 1999)
    11. Calendar Volume 3, No. 4 (October -- December 1999)
    12. Calendar Volume 4, No. 1 (January -- March 2000)
    13. Calendar Volume 4, No. 2 (April -- June 2000)
    14. Retro Calendar No. 1 (January -- December 1994)
    15. Retro Calendar No. 2. (January 1 -- April 18 1995)


Special Reports.  The Watchdog website includes a variety of Special Reports; several might be of particular interest to journalists either as overviews, case studies, or analyses.

  1. Special Report #1: The Mountaineer Militia's Long, Slippery Slope.
  2. Special Report #4: Common Law and Uncommon Courts: An Overview of the Common Law Court Movement.
  3. Special Report #6:   Paper Terrorism's Forgotten Victims:  The Use of Bogus Liens against Private Individuals and Businesses.
  4. Special Report #7:  Trusts and the Untrustworthy:  "Pure Trusts" and "Patriots for Profit".
  5. Special Report #8:  The Shadows of Waco:  The Tactics and Dynamics of Militia Confrontations.
  6. Special Report #9:  Strange Territory:  Ideology and Competency in the Courtroom.


The Militia Watchdog Links Page.  This is an extensive collection of extremist-related Web links, topically arranged and annotated. 


Miscellaneous Reports, Bulletins, and Articles.  Some of these may be of particular interest to journalists.

  1. Revolution and Reality:  A Transcript and Analysis of Mark Koernke's "Time is Running Out."
  2. Flashpoint America:   Surviving a Traffic Stop Confrontation with an Anti-Government Extremist.
  3. The Militia Watchdog 1998 Right Wing Extremist of the Year
  4. The Council of Conservative Citizens:  Chronology of a Scandal
  5. Old Wine, New Bottles:  Paper Terrorism, Paper Scams, and Paper 'Redemption'


"Patriot" Profiles.  This series of reports from 1995-1997 involved case studies of various anti-government extremists, most of whom involved themselves in legal troubles.  Some of them by now are quite dated, but nevertheless provide insight into the personalities and ideologies inherent in anti-government movements.

  1. Joe Holland, Calvin Greenup, and the Anti-Tax Militia.
  2. Patriot Purgatory: Bo Gritz and Almost Heaven.
  3. Every Man A King: The Rise and Fall of the Montana Freemen.
  4. A Fledgling Militia: The Blue Ridge Hunt Club Versus the BATF.
  5. The Private War of Bradley Glover


Afraid of Bugs: Assessing our Attitudes Towards Chemical and Biological Terrorism.  The only "editorial" on the website, it is also a lengthy analysis of chem/bio scares.


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