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The Neo-Militia News

Last Updated March 5, 1997

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The purpose of this page is to publish news stories and information about the neo-militia groups, common law groups, and other right-wing extremist groups and individuals in this country. Many of these stories are only covered locally, not nationally; as a result, many people only know about extremist activities if they occur in their own area.

Thus the purpose of this Web Page. Though the Militia Watchdog has only limited resources at its disposal, one thing it can do is disseminate information effectively when it comes across items of interest. And with a wide variety of sources that include the major (and minor) news media, various militia publications themselves, on-line sources, and law enforcement officers, among others, the Watchdog does come across militia information frequently. So look here for the latest information on the neo-militia movement, and if you have any verifiable information yourself--please! no rumors--send it to the Militia Watchdog.


NOTICE: Due to resource constraints, regular news updates have been temporarily suspended. However, see the Calendar of Conspiracy for a quarterly chronology of anti-government extremist criminal activity.


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