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"Patriot" Profiles

Last Updated, September 4, 1997

This section of the Militia Watchdog contains in-depth reports on various groups or persons in the so-called "patriot" movement. Generally speaking, they are considerably longer than most news articles you might find, and attempt to give comprehensive portraits of the groups or events they describe. These examples of "contemporary history" are some of the most important offerings of the Watchdog. All the articles within are by Mark Pitcavage.

bullet Joe Holland, Calvin Greenup, and the Anti-Tax Militia. This description of the North American Volunteer Militia, located in Montana and Indiana, looks at the relationship between the militia movement and tax protesters.
bullet Patriot Purgatory: Bo Gritz and Almost Heaven. This description of "Almost Heaven," Bo Gritz's "Covenant Community" near Kamiah, Idaho, explores the perilous position of Gritz in the "patriot" movement.
bullet Every Man a King: The Rise and Fall of the Montana Freemen. This extremely lengthy profile of the Montana Freemen explains their origins, rise and fall. It has not yet been updated to contain information collected past May 2, 1996.
bullet A Fledgling Militia: The Blue Ridge Hunt Club Versus the BATF. This study of an early militia group examines the tactics of the BATF as well.
bullet The Private War of Bradley Glover. An examination of a militia cell's plot to attack a U.S. Army base in 1997.


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