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Special Reports

  1. Special Report #1: The Mountaineer Militia's Long, Slippery Slope.
  2. Special Report #2: Extremism and the Electorate: Campaign '96 and the "Patriot" Movement.
  3. Special Report #3: Shootout in Ohio: A Case Study of the "Patriot" Movement and Traffic Stops.
  4. Special Report #4: Common Law and Uncommon Courts: An Overview of the Common Law Court Movement.
  5. Special Report #5: Calendar of Conspiracy: A Chronology of Anti-Government Extremist Criminal Activity, January to June 1997. See Separate Calendar Section for Updates.
  6. Special Report #6:   Paper Terrorism's Forgotten Victims:  The Use of Bogus Liens against Private Individuals and Businesses.
  7. Special Report #7:  Trusts and the Untrustworthy:  Pure Trusts and "Patriots for Profit"
  8. Special Report #8:  The Shadows of Waco:  The Tactics and Dynamics of Militia Confrontations
  9. Special Report #9:  Strange Territory:  Ideology and Competency in the Courtroom.



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