White Supremacists Vent Rage Over Obama's Win


Once it became clear that Barack Obama would be the next President of the United States, white supremacists rushed to extremist online discussion forums to express their rage and disbelief that voters, particularly white voters, chose an African-American as their leader. An avalanche of comments from white supremacists appeared on numerous online discussion forums as they learned that the presidential race was over.

Although white supremacists have often expressed fear that minorities are "taking over" the country, they didn't think they would actually see the day that Americans of all kinds would elect an African-American president. 

From their own racist perspective, they saw Obama's rise to the highest office in the country as evidence that things have gone incredibly wrong and that whites had lost their place in America.  The most popular white supremacist Internet forum, Stormfront, was so overloaded with people trying to access the site to post comments that it actually crashed.

Other white supremacists, despite their anger, felt that Obama's win might be a catalyst that would help them recruit members to their cause. These extremists blamed a variety of people for Obama's rise--the Jews, white "traitors," or a Republican Party out of touch with the needs of white people.  While some proclaimed that Obama's victory was the start of a race war in the U.S. and declared a willingness to pick up their guns, others claimed that America was heading toward disaster as it became a more diverse nation.

Obama Election a "Tragedy" for America

On a radio show on the white supremacist Internet forum Stormfront soon after Barack Obama's win, anti-Semite and racist David Duke announced, "I really believe tonight is a night of tragedy and sadness for our people in many ways…[we've lost] the fundamental values of the United States of America…the country is not recognizable any more."

Hal Turner, a New Jersey-based white supremacist, wrote on his blog that "America committed national suicide tonight because we turned control of this nation over to inferior people who, in the history of the world, have never created or maintained the kind of advanced nation that we White people created here." On the neo-Nazi Vanguard News Network forum, "Wild_Bill_Hyde" declared that America was now "OFFICIALLY DEAD!"

The Occidental Observer, an online magazine connected to the racist journal The Occidental Quarterly, posted an editorial on the election, calling it "the worst of all possible results." It said that white people who attended Obama's victory rally in Chicago were "pathetic" and argued that Obama will likely institute "quota-style affirmative action and transfer payments that will alienate whites in droves."

Racists posting to the white supremacist Internet forum Ni--ermania appeared somewhat more resigned. A person using the screen-name "KOS" declared, "America will become another third-world sh-thole like Africa if it is run by people like Barack Hussein Obama and other minorities." Another extremist, posting as "Himmler SS," wrote, "America [sic] flags should be flown upside down as the international symbol of distress." "Anti-Nigram added, "It's a nightmare I can't shake myself out of...We may not be perfect for being a bit 'racist' but God forgive us our flaws and help us survive these dark times to come back and fix it when we can."

Some racists were so angry about having an African-American president that they declared they would leave the U.S. "RightWhiteis," posting to the white supremacist White Revolution forum, wrote, "This is truly the saddest day in the history of this great nation… I am seriously thinking about moving my family to Canada for their own safety from the ape riots that are about to no doubt happen in major metropolitan areas everywhere." In a comment on white supremacist Hal Turner's blog, an anonymous poster wrote, "I have burnt the American flag in my front yard… I am seeking political asylum in Russia."

An anonymous individual posting to a Yahoo! group connected to the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement was convinced that whites would lose their rights in America and stated, "You all have the worst of everything. He is a Black, communist, muslim, racist against white, and friends with jews… Well be prepared to have to fight harder for freedoms you use to have. I doubt the bill of rights will be enforced after his swearing in."

Some white supremacists angrily declared that Caucasians who had chosen an African-American to be president were traitors to their race. On White Revolution, "Fallschirmjager173" claimed that "the recent election of a negroid as president of america, was brought about by dumbed down white traitors, to this nation." An anonymous poster made a similar comment on Hal Turner's blog: "Congratulations to all you f--king sleeping mesmerized race traitors who just made the United States a 3rd world country filled with Illegal Mexicans and f--king Ni--ers who will run free and have a Ni--er commander and chief looking over their shoulders. You all make me f--king sick. I have burnt the American flag in my front yard."

Pushing Whites to "Start a Race War"

Many white supremacists, despite their rage, felt that Barack Obama's election win would provide a catalyst that would move whites to become active on behalf of the white race.  And anger and frustration led a number of extremists to talk about picking up guns and ammo, "before it's all outlawed." They expressed fear that they would now lose their rights and have to defend themselves and their families.


In his radio interview on the white supremacist online forum Stormfront, anti-Semite and racist David Duke predicted that Obama's presidency was a wake-up call: "Maybe it's good in one sense in that it's making white people clear of the fact that that government in Washington DC is not our government…We, as European Americans, have got to rally for our own heritage, our own freedom, our own survival as a people, and if we don't…begin now to build a…dedicated movement…we're going to lose everything that's important to us."


Posting a Klan Internet forum, an Illinois Klansman, Jeremy Eastwood, expressed his hope that the Klan would save a nation "on the brink of distruction [sic]."  He encouraged his followers to take action: "Start throwing flyers every week.  Making signs anything passing out bussiness [sic] cards…. Get out there and RECRUIT RECRUIT RECRUIT.  We must take bake [sic] our nation that is being taking away."  


Billy Roper, the leader of White Revolution, declared on the group's Internet forum, "Now is the time to be more active than ever before." An individual on the same forum using the name "Saturn" was sure that white supremacists could build "our own society that has nothing to do with this current one."  He added "Bury your American flags and bibles and hopes of making America great again."

On Stormfront, extremists also felt that this was a moment that they could seize to make an impact.  "White Apex" declared, "It is obvious as of tonights [sic] overload that white people are already waking up and looking for answers. If we handle this obamanation correctly we can gain many new comrades! We can't mess this up, can't you see this is what we need!" Greg Johnson, an editor for The Occidental Quarterly, agreed, writing that "the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States is a good thing for white nationalism. Whites will regain control over our nation and our destiny only when we have a change of consciousness." On Vanguard News Network (VNN), a white supremacist Internet forum,  posters declared that they were ready to put themselves on the line to fight for the white race.  "Toe Cutter" wrote, "Get used to the idea of having to sacrifice Yourself, for a greater good."


A number of white supremacists ominously predicted a race war, an event that they feel will be necessary to create a "white revolution" and have a county run for and by whites.  On Stormfront, "DarkSystem9" declared, "Welcome to the grand opening of the worlds [sic] first Race War."  On the White Revolution Internet form, "Joe Mayham" told fellow racists to prepare for the race war: "We are at war, put down your compromises, stock pile for your family while the men are away, buy up a gun for yourself and a couple for me and start causing the fight to come to our door. Make it don't wait for it."   


On VNN, "Metal Warrior" declared, "We have allowed the jews to set up the game, and the lemmings to sell our collective soul. We need our own clean break from this. I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of dying in store on the way there." On Stromfront, "Werewolfblood" was no less angry: "We may be at the steps of a nationwide revolution. Whites are PISSED!"


Klan members posting to the United Northern and Southern Knights of the KKK Internet forum wrote about readying themselves for the future. "Cole Thornton" announced, "We are making plans and we need each and every member intact. It may get real hairy, so PLEASE be careful out there until we get things sorted out." An angry poster "JP311" warned: "KKKEEP YOUR GUNS LOADED BOYS!!!!!  WE 'ARE' THE NEW MINORITY...WHITE AND PROUD!!!!!  PRESIDENT OBAMA??  HE AIN'T MY PRESIDENT."

Hoping Obama Will Not Survive

Some white supremacists, resigned to Barack Obama's win, expressed their hope that he would be killed or die, but were generally careful not to make direct threats against the president-elect.


On the white supremacist forum,

Ni--ermania, angry posters openly hoped that Obama would die in office or be killed.  The adminstrator of the forum, Tom Shelly, cautioned them to be prudent about what they said: "Be careful what you write there, we can't allow threats against his life so you're treading on thin ice there."  Nevertheless, he added, "I'm sure we all wish he would die and someday he will but probably not before he f--ks up our country for the next four years."


"Clean White Man" took a different route, speculating that "maybe Ni--er Obama will die between now and the end of President Bush's term. I'll be praying ever day that it does."  Corn Flake responded that, "I do hope that he dies soon. But I don't want him killed; that will only make a martyr. I would rather see him die doing something stupid like pluggin [sic] in a toaster or falling in the bathtub or stepping out of Air Force One before they put the stairs by the door." Trellen R shared these sentiments and referred to a recent alleged plot by neo-Nazi skinheads to kill Obama and minorities:  "….hopefully he'll get assassinated before he gets into office. Just don't be f--king idiots about it like those skinheads were."


An anonymous poster on white supremacist Hal Turner's blog went further: "Someone will kill him! And I will celebrate! It's just a matter of time. When someone kills him, Ni--ers will riot and the race war will be on!"

Blaming the Jews

Not surprisingly, white supremacists also found a way to focus their anger against Jews, blaming them for controlling the U.S. government and media, and promoting a multicultural society, thereby pushing Barack Obama to victory. 

Anti-Semite and racist David Duke claimed that Obama was being run by the Jews.  On his radio show on the white supremacist Internet forum Stormfront soon after Obama was elected, he stated, "I realize why Barack Obama won…Barack Obama has proven himself to be totally subservient to Israel…He's their guy, and his top advisers are Jewish extremists."


An anonymous poster in the comments section of white supremacist Hal Turner's blog alleged that Jews had ruined his country and that the Mossad would likely assassinate Obama: "Some kike will probably blow his black ass away just after shouting 'White Power!' and 'Sieg Heil!' a few times so the jewsmedia blames White 'Supremacists' for the Mossad hit as arch-Zionist Biden is sworn in. Whether McPain or Obongo won, the America that I knew and loved as a child was already dead decades ago, killed by kikes." 


"Joe Mayham," writing on the racist White Revolution Internet forum, declared, "Sure we must all realize that the president of the United States is really just a puppet in the arms of Zog [Zionist Occupied Government], nationally, or by more direct of isreal [sic], bureaucrats, and many many more. Another individual on the forum groused that "the jews have done it again. They managed to brainwash an entire generation into thinking race doesn't matter and that putting a ni--er in the White House will benefit this nation."


Some blamed alleged Jewish control of the major political parties for Obama's election. On Stormfront, "Metal Warrior" wrote that the Republicans have been "overrun by red-diaper neocon jews and their gentile allies, and they deserve to die off." "Wuzzarepublikan" added similar sentiments: "The GOP has deteriorated into a neo-con led cesspool of anti-White race traitors. In order to revitalize itself, the GOP would have to disown its jewish influences." He suggested that a third party based on "white interests" was the answer.


Similarly, "Ravencall" claimed on Stormfront that Jews exercised control over the Democrats:  "I'd call it the beginning of the end of the democrats. It's the culmination of 60 years of jewish Media propaganda and financial and political control."


 "Derrick Beukeboom," a poster on the white supremacist forum Vanguard News Network, blamed Jews for controlling the media and promoting multiculturalism, thus helping Obama to win the election.  He commented, "Obama winning is good for the jewsmedia because they can write many columns and produce many sickening programs about the black equality in the racist Amerikwan [sic] state. They will handle Obama with such kid gloves you'd think he is the messiah of the Multiculti. .."

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