Jim and Joe Rizoli


Jim and Joe Rizoli are Massachusetts-based brothers who are active as anti-immigrant extremists and Holocaust deniers. They lead Concerned Citizens and Friends of Illegal Immigration Law Enforcement (CCFIILE), a group founded in 2003 that demonizes Brazilian immigrants in the Rizolis' home town of Framingham, Massachusetts. In addition to their xenophobia, the Rizolis have a track record of advancing Holocaust denial and publicly defending notorious Holocaust deniers and anti-Semites.


Vitriolic xenophobia fuels the Rizolis' bigotry. The brothers consistently demonize and stereotype undocumented immigrants, especially Brazilians, as liars, criminals (Jim calls them "crimaliens"), and extortionists who condone prostitution and drug use and have turned Framingham into a "third world country."


  • Jim Rizoli hosts a weekly public access television show, which he devotes to repeated attacks on Brazilians. During an October 2009 broadcast of the show, Rizoli stated that "God really doesn't care much about" undocumented immigrants, or, in his words, "crimaliens." Further, he attempts to engender fear of Brazilians. For example, he has asserted on his show that Brazilian-owned restaurants will lead to "illegal aliens" from other locales flocking to Framingham, engaging in underage drinking, and leaving the establishments "half-cocked out of their mind" just to cause traffic accidents.

  • In September 2008, Jim Rizoli had a letter published in a local newspaper in which he wrote that "the Brazilians, for the most part, have brought their document fraud and corrupt lifestyles here…They have turned a once quiet, nice, family-oriented town to a town that allows drugs, prostitution, and continuous law-breaking. A true third world town in the making."  

  • In a comment posted under his letter, Jim Rizoli compared "illegals" to "gangrene" and a "cancerous growth," and he called them a "black eye" brought to Framingham.

  • The Rizolis' bigotry is not new. During a CCFIILE meeting in November 2003, Joe Rizoli reportedly laid out what he perceived to be the situation in his community: "What happens is that they catch on. They know a good thing when they see it. It's a planned rape of Framingham. They have literally raped Framingham."

Holocaust Denial and Anti-Semitism

The Rizolis have a history of advancing Holocaust denial. Additionally, although Jim Rizoli denies charges of being an anti-Semite by claiming that he is merely anti-Zionist, his Holocaust denial and reference to a "Zionist controlled government" reveal his anti-Semitism. Joe has questioned the very existence of the Holocaust and whether six million Jews were killed. He also publicly supported Ernst Zundel, a leading Holocaust denier and white supremacist ideologue. On his public access show, Jim has defended Holocaust denier and Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and encouraged his viewers to question the "Zionist propaganda" that they have been "spoonfed." The Rizolis have also posted a video of a speech given by Holocaust denier David Irving to one of their Web sites.


  • During an October 2009 segment of his public access television show, which was aired during a primetime slot, Jim delivered a lengthy diatribe promoting Holocaust denial. He defended Holocaust denier and Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, instructed viewers to conduct their own research on the Holocaust to discover the "truth," and directed people to visit Web sites that advance Holocaust denial.

  • Jim Rizoli has attempted to defend his statements about the Holocaust to the Boston Globe, which reported in November 2009 that he "believes…only around 300,000 people died, not six million, and that the majority were not killed but 'died of sickness and disease.'"

  • During the same segment of his public access television show, Jim Rizoli alleged the existence of a "Zionist controlled government," implying that Jews manipulate national and global institutions.

  • Rizoli also claimed during the show that "a lot of the Jewish people are not going to be happy to hear this [referring to his recommendation to view videos that advance Holocaust denial] because this whole thing all stems upon Judaism [sic] and what happened with them." This is an anti-Semitic implication that Jews fabricate the Holocaust to advance their own agenda.

  • Joe Rizoli has questioned the severity of the Holocaust on the Jews. During an interview with the MetroWest Daily News in February 2004, he argued, "What happened to the Jews was atrocious, but you know what? Nine million people in Germany died in Dresden and related incidents. They say 13 to 20 million people died in Russia." Rizoli went on to question, "Did the Holocaust happen? You define to me what the Holocaust is. I don't know. There's no letter or whatever that pinpoints Hitler saying it."

  • In 2004, Joe Rizoli signed an Internet petition supporting Ernst Zundel, who was fighting deportation to his home in Canada from the U.S., which he entered illegally. Reportedly, Rizoli became interested in Zundel after receiving a "ZGram," an E-mail that Zundel's wife, also a Holocaust denier, sent to subscribers. Ironically for a xenophobe, Rizoli spoke out against Zundel's deportation, which was the result of Zundel's illegal entry into the U.S.

Connections to Other Extremist Groups

CCFIILE leadership and members have affiliated themselves with and worked alongside other extremist groups that advance a xenophobic and racist message. Included among these groups are the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC) and the Minutemen, a loosely organized xenophobic movement

with chapters around the country. Some Minutemen chapters stage armed vigilante patrols of the Mexican-American border.


  • Support for armed vigilante patrols of the border, aimed at intimidating undocumented immigrants, dates back to CCFIILE's founding. Jeffrey Buck, one of the group's founders (no longer with the group), has been heavily involved with the Minuteman movement. When the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC), a national group, announced expanded efforts to patrol the border in October 2005, Buck was named as the local contact for several states in the Northeast. In 2006, Buck became the MCDC's New England Regional Director.

  • In 2006, five CCFIILE members demonstrated in Framingham, Massachusetts, as part of a nationwide "Stop the Invasion" protest, orchestrated by the Minutemen.

  • According to an August 2007 post on the CofCC Web site, Jim Rizoli joined CofCC New England members "to do some filming at a local Illegal Day Labor site in Framingham."

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