The local committee chooses three activities from among the items listed below and completes them within the year.

1. Orientation
Create a school orientation program for students that addresses the needs of students of all backgrounds so that they feel welcome when joining the student body.

2. Discussion in Schools
Have teachers spend one full class period discussing anti-Semitism, racism, prejudice, stereotypes, scapegoating, discrimination, ethnocentrism, ableism, sexism, homophobia, and bias. Have all students sign a proclamation, to be displayed in a prominent place, declaring that they will actively challenge hate and bigotry in all forms.


a. Schools:
Educators, administrators and staff at all primary and secondary schools take part in ADL's six-hour anti-bias and diversity training program.

b. Peer Training
Implement the anti-bias Peer Training Program in one of your schools.

(For more information on A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute programs, call: 215-568-2223.)

Suspend regular classes for a day and invite community members and leaders to speak about and explore issues of diversity with students. Consult with ADL to plan this program.

5. School Exchange
Establish an ongoing relationship that connects students from your schools to students from schools outside of your community to bring youth of different backgrounds together.

6. Civil Rights Teams
Create Civil Rights Teams in high schools and middle schools to act as peer mentors.

7. Hate Crimes Training
All law enforcement officers attend Hate Crimes Training.

(For training on hate crimes and extremist groups, call the ADL's Civil Rights Division: 215-568-2223.)

Law enforcement officers, both uniformed and non-uniformed, take part in ADL's six-hour diversity training program.

9. Diversity/Human Relations Committee
Establish a permanent diversity committee. The committee will serve to address issues of prejudice reduction and diversity through a variety of activities. Continuing programs may include inviting speakers to address school and community groups, celebrating diversity at a town-sponsored Multicultural Festival, or researching and presenting prejudice-reduction curricula for the community's schools.

10. Civil Rights Day
Hold a community-wide forum. Invite the ADL or any of our coalition members to participate.

11. Plan a "Walk/Run for Respect"
Sponsored participants donate all monies to an anti-bias or other human rights organization or activity within the community. People of all ages participate at various levels.

12. ESL Family Party
Sponsor an International Hospitality Night for the families of English as a second language and international students.

13. Libraries
Meet with community and school librarians and local bookstores to discuss ways to highlight literature that is representative of all cultures. A suggested list of books is available.

(Call ADL for more information: (215) 568-2223)

14. Speakers Series
Establish a yearlong program in which you invite to community gatherings at least four motivational speakers who are recognized civil or human rights leaders. Videotape the speeches and publish interviews with speakers in local newspapers.

15. Film Festival
Sponsor a multicultural film festival. Invite community groups and local theaters to be co-sponsors.

16. Public Facilities
Survey all public facilities for handicapped accessibility and make sure that they meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

17. Essay Contest
Organize a community-wide essay contest with the theme of either a personal experience with prejudice or a success story in the fight against it. The winning entries are published in the school newspaper, featured in your community newspaper and/or highlighted on a local cable program.

18. "Paint Out Day"
Organize a community effort to eliminate pejorative graffiti that perpetuates bigotry. Culminate the effort with a potluck supper.

19. No Place for Hate Mural
Designate a wall space in the community where a mural with a harmonious and unifying message can be written, drawn or painted.

20. Dance for Diversity
Plan a community or school dance around a theme such as "Celebrating Our Diversity" or "Stomping Out Hate." Create unifying posters and have a resource table with helpful anti-bias materials.

21. Flag
Create a flag that symbolizes your community's ideal of diversity and display the flag at city/town hall and at important events. (Perhaps make it a contest!)

22. Calendar
Create a community calendar with all religious and cultural holidays and important civil rights days, as well as dates of community events.

23. Diversity Quilt
Encourage all residents in the community to create a paper patch descriptive of their individual heritage and combine the patches to create a diversity quilt to be displayed at city/town hall or the local library. (This is a great project for students and seniors to do together!)

24. Newsletter
Publish a newsletter specifically devoted to promoting respect for diversity and publicizing multicultural events

25. Diversity Day Parade
Hold a Diversity Day parade. Create floats depicting different cultures and showing respect for diversity.

26. Community Cookbook
Collect traditional family recipes from local residents for a community cookbook. You can include original artwork and writings as well.

27. Newcomers Guide
Create a Guide to Town/City Services for newcomers to the area. Include information on topics such as homeownership, business, public safety, education, and community groups and organizations.

28. Interfaith Retreat
Organize an interfaith retreat for young people to increase understanding of one another's beliefs and to build lasting friendships.

29. Pot-Luck Dinner
Sponsor a community-wide potluck dinner for residents to unite and share ethnic dishes.

30. Other
New suggestions are welcome and should be approved by ADL.