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Poisoning the Web: Hatred Online
Internet Bigotry, Extremism and Violence
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NAAWP: Duke's Progeny Online

While David Duke has recently allied himself with the National Alliance, his NAAWP has also jumped on the Internet bandwagon.

Duke once described the NAAWP as "a perfect foil for me." Around 1990, soon after his successful run for the Louisiana State Legislature, he resigned from leadership of the group, but he still remained active behind the scenes. Duke's campaign treasurer, Paul Allen, became the NAAWP's leader, and the office for Duke's unsuccessful 1991 gubernatorial campaign served as the group's headquarters. The NAAWP has described Duke as "former NAAWP President and still, best friend to the organization," and Duke's Web site proudly identifies him as "founder and former National President of the NAAWP."

The NAAWP portrays itself as a non-profit "white rights" organization that defends white interests and rights in the same fashion that the NAACP works for the "Advancement of Colored People." Unlike some groups that proudly embrace the label of "racist," the NAAWP is more subtle in its hate. As early as 1985, the NAAWP encouraged its followers to mute their white supremacist views and "never refer to racial superiority or inferiority, only talk about racial differences, carefully
The National NAAWP Web site offers particularly clear examples of the bigotry that underlies the NAAWP's talk about 'white rights.'
avoiding value judgements." The NAAWP North Carolina chapter Web site responds to the question "Is the NAAWP a 'hate group'?" with a firm "absolutely not." At the national NAAWP site, a group leader writes, "I don't condemn black people. I want the best for them, both from a compassionate Christian-point-of-view, and because if they escape from the cycle of poverty, drugs, and crime, then we too will be better off." According to the NAAWP Michigan chapter, "the NAAWP doesn't stand for hating anyone, and more importantly it never has. It's about building a new, better society. A homogeneous community where everyone contributes, everyone benefits, and all share a common set of values and cultural beliefs."

The NAAWP, like David Duke, has tried to hide its hate, but its racist and anti-Semitic views, like those of its founder, are evident. NAAWP News, the group's newsletter, has regularly published articles with titles like "Anti-Semitism is normal for people seeking to control their own destiny"; "Jewish control of the media is the single most dangerous threat to Christianity," and "Why most Negroes are criminals."

On its Web sites as well, the NAAWP shows its true colors. "Tired of Black History Month, Martin Luther King Day, Miss Black USA, Black Entertainment Network, The United Negro College Fund, [and] Affirmative Action?" asks the NAAWP Arkansas chapter site. The Hawaii chapter's site calls gays "the worst predators on [sic] our children" and declares, "the Jesse Jacksons of this World just want White Women around to Pimp for Money and Drugs and to make the White Man Pay."

The National NAAWP Web site offers particularly clear examples of the bigotry that underlies the NAAWP's talk about "white rights." It presents an anti-Semitic essay by National Alliance member Kevin Alfred Strom with the comment, "this essay is a real call to all arms for all the races and nations of the world to rise up against these hypocrites, deceivers and tyrants - the j*ws [sic]." The site also posts another essay by Strom, "The Beast as Saint," which purports to discredit Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as a plagiarizer and a patron of prostitutes. A third document at the site, "Jews, Jews, Jews," offers "proof that the Jew really does control the media" in the way of a list of "Jewish CEOs.

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