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Poisoning the Web: Hatred Online
Internet Bigotry, Extremism and Violence
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Table of Contents

Don Black: White Pride World Wide
Stormfront, Don Black's gateway to bigotry is a veritable supermarket of online hate.

David Duke: White Revolution on the Internet
Duke has embraced the Internet as a key to the future of the white supremacist movement.

The National Alliance: Pierce's Cybernauts
This group has skillfully embraced the Internet to promote its Nazi-like ideology

NAAWP: Duke's Progeny Online
The National NAAWP Web site offers  clear examples of the bigotry that underlies its talk about "white rights."

The Ku Klux Klan: Burning Crosses in Cyberspace
The Klan has turned to the Internet to revitalized itself and attract new supporters

The Identity Church Movement:
The Worship of Hate

This pseudo-theological manifestation of racism and anti-Semitism has established  a Web presence.
- Posse Comitatus
- Aryan Nations

Neo-Nazis: Stormtroopers of the Web
The symbols associated with Hitler's Nazis are attractive to bigots on the Web.
- Young Neo-Nazi Propagandists
- Longtime Hitlerian Activists

Holocaust Denial: The Big Lie Revisited
Thousands of denier web pages claim that the Holocaust is a Jewish fabrication, not a product of  Nazi hatred.
- Institute For Historical Review
- Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust
- David Irving
- Ernst Zündel & Ingrid Rimland
- David Cole & Roger Garaudy
- Ahmed Rami

Mirror Image: African-American anti-Semites
African-American anti-Semites on the Web often engage in their own form of fallacious "revisionist" history.

Female White Supremacists: 'Aryan' Women Online
Female extremists have appropriated feminism for the purpose of spreading intolerance online.

World Church of the Creator:
'Racial Holy War' on the Web

WCTOC has spawned dozens of sites to spread the  message that the enemies of the "White Race" are "inferior mud races" and the "Jewish race"

Neo-Nazi Skinheads & Racist Rock:
Youth Subculture of Hate

Many bigoted music companies are selling hateful music on the Web.

Alex Curtis: Unity through Hate
A rising star among bigots using the Internet.

Homophobia Online: The Westboro Baptist Church
Some Web sites focus their hatred primarily on gays and lesbians.

Anti-Abortion Extremism in Cyberspace:
The Creator's Rights Party

Militias & 'Common Law Courts':
'Patriots' of the Web

Bomb-Making Manuals: Explosive Content


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