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Poisoning the Web: Hatred Online
Internet Bigotry, Extremism and Violence
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Young Neo-Nazis Propagandists

At Our Hero's Library Web site, twentysomething neo-Nazi Tom Smith26 proudly displays a picture of his "Aryan hero," Adolf Hitler, flanked by animated, swirling swastikas. Hosted by Don Black's Stormfront, Smith's site features numerous Hitlerian essays covering topics such as eugenics and "Aryan" culture. Amidst photos of Jews with their eyes blacked out, he lists Jewish "powerlords" and posts a Jewish "surname index." "Before buying anything always check to make sure the company is not j*wish [sic]," Smith writes. Seeing Jewish conspiracies everywhere, he calls Bob Dole, Bill Clinton, Ross Perot, and Pat Buchanan Jewish "marionettes"; blames Jews for schoolyard violence in Arkansas, and declares them responsible for the conflict between Ireland and Britain. "The J*w has been and is always very aware of the conflict amongst non-j*ws, and is tireless in his pursuit of trying to profit from the internal feuds of his enemies," Smith writes. "When these feuds are not [innate] in and of themselves, the j*w creates new feuds via his presence in each of the opposing countries to create a new profit-scenario for himself." Also available at Our Hero's Library are downloadable copies of Smith's extensive messages to USENET newsgroups, the Internet's system of electronic bulletin boards.

Currently offline, the ALPHA Web site, created by Ryan Wilson of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, claimed that "more than any other group or political movement in the history of the earth, National Socialism will unify and strengthen the Aryan race." Examining the past, Wilson stated, "National Socialist Germany was a truly remarkable nation, accomplishing more for racial unity of the Aryan people in a short time than in any other era of history. Thus we honor the accomplishments of our Aryan brethren and find no wrong doing in their actions in behalf of preserving their race and nation."

Wilson, who ran the now-defunct neo-Nazi United States of America Nationalist Party, claims that ALPHA is both a Web site and a new organization, one that is needed because "the Jew has instilled himself into the seats of power in America...the churches, the schools, the courts, and above all, the media." These Jews, Wilson believes, "will not rest until the Aryan races" have been "driven into extinction."27

Even before he discovered the Web, technology was an important part of Wilson's propaganda-and-recruiting strategy. In 1993, his United States of America Nationalist Party was using four automated-dialing phone lines to randomly call about 1,000 Philadelphia-area homes every day, encouraging people on the other end of the line to join the movement for "white rights." "We've studied every tactic in history, including the brilliant propaganda of Nazi history," Wilson noted. "We'll manipulate the media... to undo the civil rights movement."

Visitors to Wilson's ALPHA site encountered a voice announcing, "Greet-ings my Aryan brothers and sisters, welcome to the ALPHA Web site." Design-ed to use the multimedia capabilities of the Web, the site had elaborate graphics, animation, and sound. Texts of all sorts were available there: flyers and other materials from the United States of America Nationalist Party; articles from various sources about the race-based nature of intelligence and reprinted anti-Semitic tracts.

A paramilitary section of the ALPHA site exhorted "White Men Must Arm!" Wilson suggested the weaponry Aryans should use to ward off Jews and non-whites, listing Web and regular mail addresses for suppliers of military and survival equipment. Additionally, ALPHA contained a page filled with links to formulas for making various types of homemade bombs and incendiary devices, including "Letter Bombs," "Mail Box Bombs" and fertilizer bombs.

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26 Profile m0194 from the "White Men Seeking White Women" section of the White Singles Web site, retrieved June 1998, and InterNIC Web site record for "," retrieved October 1998

27 "Why I am a member of ALPHA and a White Nationalist," from the Alpha Web site

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