Pope John Paul II: In His Own Words

On Israel
Cooperation with Israel
The Western Wall
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On Israel
Cooperation with Israel

To the Ambassador of Israel

On Thursday, 10 April, H.E. Mr. Aharon Lopez, Ambassador of Israel to the Holy See, presented his Letters of Credence to the Holy Father. The following is the text of the Pope’s English language address to the new ambassador. (excerpted)

The Holy See and the Catholic Church as a whole are deeply committed to co-operating with the State of Israel "in combating all forms of anti-Semitism and all kinds of racism and of religious intolerance, and in promoting mutual understanding among nations, tolerance among communities and respect for human life and dignity" (Fundamental Agreement, article 2, §1). There can be no question that in these areas more can be done and must be done. It is precisely such renewed efforts that will give to the Greet Jubilee of the Year 2000 a truly universal significance, not limited to Catholics or Christians but embracing all peoples in every part of the world. I am confident that the Israeli authorities, and their Palestinian counterparts, will do all they can to ensure that those who come to visit the historic and holy places connected with the three great monotheistic faiths will be welcomed in a spirit of respect and friendship. It is my own fervent hope to be among those making such a pilgrimage, and I am grateful for the kind invitations which I continue to receive…

ORE, April 16, 1997

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