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On the Holocaust
Deploring Anti-Semitism from any Source

Address the New Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Holy See

On November 8, the Holy Father received H. E. Hans-Joachim Hallier, the new Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Holy See. This is a translation of a passage of the Pope's address in German.

In this context we should also mention the tragedy of the Jews. For Christians the heavy burden of guilt for the murder of the Jewish people must be an enduring call to repentance; thereby we can overcome every form of anti-Semitism and establish a new relationship with our kindred nation of the Old Covenant. The Church, "mindful of her common patrimony with the Jews, and motivated by the Gospels' spiritual love and by no political considerations, . . . deplores the hatred, persecutions and displays of anti-Semitism directed against the Jews at any time and from any source" (Vatican II, Declaration Nostra Aetate, No. 4). Guilt should not oppress and lead to self-agonizing thoughts, but must always be the point of departure for

November 8, 1990

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