Pope John Paul II: In His Own Words

On Israel
On the Holocaust
On Judaism
Shared Spiritual Patrimony
Recalling the Common Heritage of Jews and Christians
Anti-Semitism is Unjustified and Reprehensible
Abhorrence for Genocide Against Jews
"A Special Relationship" with Heirs of Patriarchs and Prophets of Israel
Importance of Dialogue Based on Sincere Esteem
Jews as "Elder Brothers"
Sincere Sorrow for the Suffering of the Jews
Spiritual Unity with Jews
Address to Jewish Community
Opposing Anti-Semitism and Xenophobia
To German Bishops: Commitment to Protecting Jews
The Need to Triumph Over the Antagonisms of the Past
The Right of Jews to Return to the Land of Their Ancestors
Jews and Christians Must Be a Blessing to One Another

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On Judaism
Address to Jewish Community

On Sunday morning June 9, the Holy Father met with members of the Jewish community who reside in Poland. They were presented by Bishop Henryk Muszynski of Wloclawek, president of the Episcopal Commission for Dialogue with Jews. The Holy Father then gave the following address:

1. Meetings with the representatives of the Jewish communities constitute a constant element of my apostolic journeys. This fact possesses its own meaning. It emphasizes a unique common faith, which connects the children of Abraham, who confess the religion of Moses and the prophets to those who also acknowledge Abraham as their "father in faith" (John 8:39) and accept in Christ, "son of Abraham and son of David" (cf. Matt. 1:1), the entire rich heritage of Moses and the prophets as well.

June 9, 1991

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