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No Place For Hate

Building a Prejudice-Free Zone in:

Your Home

Your School

Your Workplace

Your House of Worship

Your Community

Responding to a Hate Crime

Developing a Common Language

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101 Ways You Can Beat Prejudice
In Your Community
84 Establish a Human Rights Commission and a Community Watch Group in your city/town.
85 Organize a local multicultural committee that serves as an umbrella organization for groups which raise awareness about prejudice and provide support for cultural events, holiday programs or community efforts that promote intergroup harmony
86 Volunteer to serve on one of these organizations' committees and work to support their initiatives.
87 Petition government officials to issue a proclamation making your city/town a prejudice-free zone.
88 Plan a community-wide "Walk/Run Against Hate" in which sponsored participants would donate all monies pledged to an anti-bias or other human rights organization.
89 Become aware of your city/town's demographics and compare it to others around the state to better understand the diversity in your community.
90 Hold a city-wide Human Rights Day. Contact representatives of the Reebok Human Rights Board, Amnesty International, ADL and other human rights organizations to participate.
91 Build a community float that promotes understanding and respect for the diversity of your community and march in local and state parades. Contact parade officials to make sure that groups of all different backgrounds are invited to march.
92 Suggest to your local newspaper that it devote a corner of the editorial page each month to at least one opinion piece relating to anti-prejudice and pro-diversity themes
93 Meet with school and community librarians and local bookstores to discuss ways to highlight literature that is representative of all cultures
94 Compile a citizen's directory of the businesses and community organizations that exist to support diverse groups in the community.
95 Research your town/community's involvement in struggles for civil and human rights throughout history, e.g., abolition, the civil rights movement, etc., and create an exhibit for the local library/town hall.
96 Discuss alternative accessibility routes such as ramps, stairs and elevators in your community and invite speakers into your school and community groups to talk about such initiatives
97 Make sure your public facilities accommodate the needs of all residents.
98 Collect traditional family recipes from local residents for a Community Cookbook. Solicit ads to support the cost of reproducing and distributing the book as part of a welcome wagon program for new residents.
99 Organize a city-wide "Hoops for Harmony" basketball tournament with proceeds from ticket sales going to a local non-profit organization that promotes awareness of and respect for diversity.
100 Hold a "Paint-Out Day" to eliminate graffiti that promotes bigotry, culminating with a potluck supper.
101 Brainstorm 100 more ways to make your community a prejudice-free zone!


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