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No Place For Hate

Building a Prejudice-Free Zone in:

Your Home

Your School

Your Workplace

Your House of Worship

Your Community

Responding to a Hate Crime

Developing a Common Language

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101 Ways You Can Beat Prejudice
In Your Home
1 Know your roots and share your pride in your heritage with others.
2 Celebrate holidays with extended family. Use such opportunities to encourage storytelling and share personal experiences across generations.
3 Invite friends from backgrounds different from your own to experience the joy of your traditions and customs.
4 Be mindful of your language; avoid stereotypical remarks and challenge those made by others.
5 Speak out against jokes and slurs that target people or groups. Silence sends a message that you are in agreement. It is not enough to refuse to laugh.
6 Be knowledgeable; provide as much accurate information as possible to reject harmful myths and stereotypes. Discuss as a family the impact of prejudicial attitudes and behavior.
7 Plan family outings to diverse neighborhoods in and around your community and visit local museums, galleries and exhibits that celebrate art forms of different cultures.
8 Visit important landmarks in your area associated with the struggle for human and civil rights such as museums, public libraries and historical sites.
9 Research your family tree and trace your family's involvement in the struggle for civil and human rights or the immigration experience. Identify personal heroes and positive role models
10 Read and encourage your children to read books that promote understanding of different cultures as well as those that are written by authors of diverse backgrounds.


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