No Place For Hate

Building a Prejudice-Free Zone

Responding to a Hate Crime:

Is it a Hate Crime?

Planning a Response

Response Strategies

Developing a Common Language

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101 Ways You Can Beat Prejudice
Response Stategies
  • Notify law enforcement.
  • Be sure of the facts.
  • Conduct a complete investigation of the incident, including the questioning of the victim(s), witness(es) and perpetrator(s). Report hate-motivated crimes to law enforcement.
  • If there is physical damage (e.g., defacing, spray painting), take photographs.
  • As soon as the damage has been viewed by law enforcement and photographs taken, offer assistance in repairing or cleaning up the damage or vandalized property.
  • If hate literature has been distributed, collect the literature for evidence.
  • Notify ADL and similar agencies in the appropriate communities.
  • Reach out to the victims with expressions of concern and support and reassure them and their families that the incident will be treated seriously.
  • Gather signatures on a petition repudiating the act.
  • Organize coalitions to march, protest or sponsor a public forum to discuss the specific incidents and active measures to prevent a recurrence.
  • If the incident occurred in a school, work with the school administration to determine appropriate disciplinary actions.


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