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No Place For Hate

Building a Prejudice-Free Zone in:

Your Home

Your School

Your Workplace

Your House of Worship

Your Community

Responding to a Hate Crime

Developing a Common Language

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101 Ways You Can Beat Prejudice
In Your Workplace
61Make respect for diversity a core value in your company and articulate it as such in the company's handbook/employee manual
62 Provide ongoing awareness programs about the value of human diversity for all employees in the organization.
63 Take advantage of diversity consultants and training programs such as the A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute's A WORKPLACE OF DIFFERENCE™ to assist you with ongoing education
64 Incorporate diversity as a business goal. Secure a high degree of commitment from all employees.
65 Become aware and respectful of individual work styles.
66 Create an environment conducive to the exploration of diversity
67 Learn about co-workers' backgrounds and share your own. Ask questions that invite explanation and answer with the same.
68 Create a display area where employees can post notices of events and activities happening in their communities.
69 Publish and distribute to all staff a list of ethnic and/or religious holidays and the meaning of the customs associated with celebrating them.
70 Sponsor a lunchtime "brown-bag" series that features speakers on diversity topics.
71 Sponsor a mentoring program and reach out to students in local high schools and colleges.
72 Provide opportunities to attend local cultural events and exhibits.
73 Participate as a sponsor in community events that support the health and welfare of society.


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