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No Place For Hate

Building a Prejudice-Free Zone in:

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Responding to a Hate Crime

Developing a Common Language

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101 Ways You Can Beat Prejudice
In Your House of Worship
74 Urge your leaders to use the pulpit to condemn all forms of bigotry.
75 Encourage friends of other faiths to visit your religious services and share your religious knowledge with them.
76 Invite clergy representing religions different from your own to participate in services and deliver the sermon.
77 Host a tour for elected and appointed city/town officials to learn more about your religion and the programs and activities your religious community offers.
78 Ensure that all faiths are represented accurately in existing library materials and religious school curricula
79 Reach out to diverse religious communities to cosponsor festivals and holiday observances, such as ADL's Interfaith Seders, that highlight and celebrate our common humanity.
80 Be respectful of everyone who attends your religious services whether they are members of or visitors to your congregation.
81 Turn one bulletin board into a display space where newspaper/magazine clippings depicting current events related to anti-Semitism and other forms of religious persecution, or human rights violations, can be posted for all to read.
82 Organize an interfaith retreat for young people to increase understanding of each other's beliefs and build lasting friendships
83 Plan an interfaith youth group trip to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. Raise funds to cover travel expenses with a community bake sale, car wash, service auction or other activity.


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