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In advance of the October 16 "International Day of Atonement and Reconciliation" convened by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, we have prepared Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam in Their Own Words One Year After the Million Man March.

Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam in Their Own Words One Year After the Million Man March

Flanked by prominent civil rights and political figures at the October 1995 Million Man March, Louis Farrakhan urged Black men to take responsibility for their families and their communities. Mainstream leaders and organizations extended invitations to meet with him, believing that he had shed his extremist clothing. Unfortunately, as he has made clear time and time again since the march, Minister Farrakhan is more interested in the company of despots and more comfortable with the language of bigots than he is in reaching out to the mainstream.

Since the march, Minister Farrakhan and Nation of Islam representatives under his direction, have renewed their attacks on the Jewish community and on whites in general. Furthermore, in January 1996, Minister Farrakhan met with, and heaped praise upon, the rogue leaders of several terrorist nations, including Iraq's Saddam Hussein and Muammar Qadaffi of Libya. The last year has also seen Minister Farrakhan defend right-wing extremist groups known for their apocalyptic and anti-Semitic beliefs. The following is a representative selection of hate-filled statements Minister Farrakhan and his lieutenants have made since the time of the Million Man March.


On Jews:

And you do with me as is written, but remember that I have warned you that Allah will punish you. You are wicked deceivers of the American people. You have sucked their blood. You are not real Jews, those of you that are not real Jews. You are the synagogue of Satan, and you have wrapped your tentacles around the U.S. government, and you are deceiving and sending this nation to hell. But I warn you in the name of Allah, you would be wise to leave me alone. But if you choose to crucify me, know that Allah will crucify you.

-Savior's Day Speech, Chicago, February 25, 1996

They [Jews] cannot stop me in what I'm doing and the power of God is with me and it's time for them to recognize that everything they've done has been able to thwart our progress towards the resurrection of our people.

-New Bethel Baptist Church, Detroit, April 16, 1996

What are [Jews] saying, that 'I'm the boss,' that crap is why I'm fighting. This is why I'm here: Because too many of our people are under the inordinate control of members of that family, and I can't sit idly by and watch you punk out in your life. You're a big man in front of me, but your future is controlled by somebody else.

If you're a doctor, of the AMA [the American Medical Association], it's members of the Jewish community. If it's the lawyers, they're in there, I it's the social workers, if it's medicine, if it's science, if you don't play ball, you don't move.

-District Council 33 Union Hall, Philadelphia, April 22, 1996

It becomes very difficult when people want to be exclusive. You know, like the Jews have an exclusive club, who are the 'chosen' of God -- that you are not 'chosen,' that he is not, that they are not.

The question that I always raise is 'Are you using your influence to bring people to God? Or are you using your influence in a Satanic way?' That is not anti-Semitism. That is dealing with truth, as I see it. So when I see Jews and Anglo-Saxons involved in manipulation, like causing members of Congress to take away from the government the right to print money and instruments of credit, and then establishing a Federal Reserve system so the printing of currency of America is not owned by the government, but by families --that, to me, is Satanic, man!

-Interview with Louis Farrakhan in Utah Business Magazine, July 1996

Of course, it's true (that it is the truth to call Jewish, and other inner-city business owners bloodsuckers). A bloodsucker is as a bloodsucker does, whether it's Jewish, Asian, or Black. When you take from a community and give nothing back, what are you doing? You are living from that community. You put a leech on your arm and let that leech suck your blood, what does that leech give? Nothing. What does it take away? The lifeblood of that organism.

-Interview in Swing magazine, October 1996

On the Jewish myth:

[U]ntil Jews apologize for their hand in that ugly slave trade; and until the Jewish rabbis and the Talmudic scholars that made up the Hamitic myth -- that we were the children of Ham, doomed and cursed to be hewers of wood and drawers of water -- apologize, then I have nothing to apologize for.

-Interview in Swing magazine, October 1996

On the Hezbollah:

They call them terrorists, I call them freedom fighters.

No one asks why they would do such a thing. Why would they do such a thing? What has driven them to this point? That's what the UN, the U.S. and Europe doesn't want to deal with because the Zionists have control in England, in Europe, in the United States and around the world.

-District Council 33 Union Hall, Philadelphia, April 22, 1996

On extremists:

The Freemen...are not nuts. They're every white man who sees this nation on a horrible course, taken over by persons who have robbed the American people of the democracy the founding fathers envisioned for theirs. The militia. The Aryan Nation. The angry whites of America who see America going in a direction that is not in the best interest of this nation."

-Interview with Louis Farrakhan in Utah Business Magazine, July 1996

On his world tour:

To have my trip characterized as a 'thug-fest!' All because Qaddafi, who is considered an enemy of America, offered the wealth of his nation to back the Nation of Islam. This was seen by those in power --government, Jewish leaders and others -- as Farrakhan becoming an enemy and a traitor to his own nation.

-Interview with Louis Farrakhan in Utah Business Magazine, July 1996

On Qadaffi:

Qadaffi's a revolutionary, he's my friend, he's my brother. And I would never deny him because you don't like him. You say, you say he's the one who set the bomb off that killed all those people on Pan Am 103" You're a liar. For two years you said it was Syria. What happened? Where's your proof?

-Savior's Day Speech, Chicago, February 25, 1996

Qaddafi is hated because he is the leader of a small country that is rich, but he uses his money to finance liberation struggles. And since he's financing liberation struggles against imperialists and Zionists and oppressors, the Zionists hate him, the imperialists hate him, the neo-colonialists hate him, America hates him. Well, you must be all three. I love him.

-Savior's Day Speech, Chicago, February 25, 1996


(weekly newspaper of the Nation of Islam published by Minister Farrakhan)

On slavery:

Article by Dr. Kaukab Siddique in the Final Call responds to the documentation of the existence of slavery in the Sudan by two Baltimore Sun reporters, Gilbert A. Lewthwaite and Gregory Kane.

"The Sun is a Zionist Jewish daily which has a track record of opposition to and condemnation of all Islamic, African and Arab nations that show any semblance of independence in foreign policy... Set some standards for reporting. Don't let the Zionists get away with damn lies."

-The Final Call, July 16, 1996

On the Anti-Defamation League:

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) campaign has caused the loss of Black lives in cities throughout America.... It is also apparent that the ADL and the CIA are partners in crime where the Black community is concerned. How many lives have been jeopardized by such criminal activities?

Recently, it was revealed that the CIA brought crack cocaine into Black communities. The ADL is assuring that the deadly drug will circulate by forcing the removal of a protective force like the Muslim security firms...

-The Final Call, October 8, 1996


Quannell X National Youth minister for NOI

I say to Jewish America: Get ready...knuckle up, put your boots on, because we're ready and the war is going down... The real deal is this: Black youth do not want a relationship with the Jewish community or the mainstream white community or the foot shuffling, head-bowing, knee bobbing black community... All you Jews can go straight to hell.

-New York Daily News, October 17, 1995

Khalid Abdul Muhammad

On Jews:

You see everybody always talk about Hitler exterminating six million Jews. That's right. But don't nobody ever ask what did they do to Hitler...They went in there, in Germany, the way they do everywhere they go, and they supplanted, they usurped...they had undermined the very fabric of the society.

-Chicago Sun-Times, Appearance at Chicago State University, March 24, 1996

The so-called Jew is a parasite who comes into our community and takes out trailer and tractor-loads of money on a daily basis.

We have lost over 600 million at the hands of the white man in the last 6,000 years. That is 100 times worse than the so-called Holocaust of the so-called Jew, the imposter Jew.

Look at it so-called Jew. Look at it, imposter Jew. Somebody must call you what you are. Somebody must look you in your cold lying blue eyes and pull the cover off of you today. I don't give a damn about you and I will give you hell from the cradle to the grave.

- Appearance at the "Black Holocaust Nationhood Conference," held as a prelude to the

Million Man March, October 15, 1995

On the Pope:

Elijah Muhammad taught that the Pope of Rome is the anti-Christ... It makes me sick to my stomach to see black people running over each other just to kiss this cracker. Who in the hell is the pope of Rome? He's an imposter, he's an idol, he's a false icon that must be torn down."

-Appearance at the "Black Holocaust Nationhood Conference," held as a prelude to the

Million Man March, October 15, 1995

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