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ADL Submits Policy Priorities to Democratic and Republican Platform Committees


New York, NY, July 21, 2008 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has submitted to the platform committees of both the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Republican National Committee (RNC) a statement of policy priorities on a range of international and domestic issues.  The platform statement describes ADL's positions on the issues and outlines recommendations on policy direction that the League hopes the parties will adopt.


Platform committees meet every four years in advance of the national conventions.  The League has a longstanding practice of submitting its policy agenda to both parties prior to the nominating conventions.


The following are highlights from ADL's submission:

International Extremism and Global Anti-Semitism


The League believes the U.S. must take a leadership role in mobilizing government efforts to confront anti-Semitism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia and all forms of hatred and bigotry.  Anti-Semitic propaganda continues to thrive in the Muslim and Arab world and is disseminated throughout the world via satellite television and the Internet.  (more).


U.S. Support for Israel and the Peace Process


ADL believes that the United States must continue its historic support for the State of Israel and its fundamental right to protect its citizens from terrorism, violence and harm, while promoting a peaceful resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict.  The U.S. must stand with Israel to promote security and to minimize strategic dangers (more).

Stopping the Iranian Threat

The greatest threat to the U.S., the West, Israel and our other allies in the Middle East is posed by Iran's development of a nuclear weapons capability.  The U.S. and our international allies must work to convince Iran to abandon its development of a nuclear weapons capability through incentives for cooperation and sanctions for non-cooperation (




Comprehensive immigration reform is necessary in order to effectively decrease the flow of undocumented workers while treating our fellow human beings with dignity.  ADL opposes the coordinated roundups of undocumented workers, takes a strong stand against the increasing use of intolerant rhetoric to describe immigrants, and calls on all parties to the discussion to debate immigration policy civilly and respectfully (more).


Protecting Church-State Separation


ADL urges the committees to reaffirm a commitment to the separation of church and state:


  • Faith-Based Initiatives:  The Faith-Based Initiative raises serious questions of both law and policy and has distorted the appropriate role of government in the provision of social services.  Every component of the initiative should maintain essential constitutional safeguards for protecting religious organizations, beneficiaries and the government (more).


  • School Vouchers:  Vouchers pose a serious threat to the values that are vital to the health of American democracy.  These programs subvert the constitutional principle of separation of church and state and threaten to undermine our system of public education (more).


  • Creationism and "Intelligent Design:" Creationism, creation science and "intelligent design" theory are all religious theories of creation offered to explain the origins of the universe and are based on varying interpretations of the Bible.  ADL has consistently opposed these troubling initiatives and advocates the right of students to learn science independent of religious doctrine (more).


  • Religion in the Military: ADL is concerned that religious harassment and unwelcome proselytizing are an ongoing problem in the military and the nation's service academies.  The League calls for Congressional oversight and hearings toward the adoption of consistent guidelines to address reports of religious intolerance and proselytizing in the armed forces (more).

 Voting Rights


ADL has long demonstrated a strong commitment to voting rights for all Americans.  We support the Voting Rights Act by working to break down barriers to full ballot access for all people, including language-minority citizens, to ensure that all Americans are able to exercise their right to vote (more).


The statement includes other ADL policy recommendations on:


A 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, ADL neither supports nor opposes any candidate for political office.

The Anti-Defamation League, founded in 1913, is the world's leading organization fighting anti-Semitism through programs and services that counteract hatred, prejudice and bigotry.

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