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Bigots Gloat over Hurricane Victims; Spew Racist and Anti-Semitic Hate Online

Also see update: Racists Stir Hate In Katrina Aftermath

New York, NY, August 31, 2005 … While Americans around the country watched in sympathy and horror as Hurricane Katrina devastated southern Louisiana and Mississippi, there were some who looked on with a grim satisfaction borne of implacable hatred.  The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) found hundreds of bigoted messages on white supremacist and anti-Semitic Web sites across the Internet expressing hatred rather than compassion. Though some white supremacists expressed concern for white victims of the hurricane, the overwhelming reaction of the racists and anti-Semites was one of derision and even glee for the hundreds of thousands of African-American and other non-white victims. 

Realizing that Louisiana and Mississippi have huge non-white populations, the bigots expressed hope that the hurricane would be deadly and "cleanse" the areas hit.  Employing classical anti-Semitic canards, they claimed that Jews would seek to benefit from the devastation and that Jewish control of the media skewed the reporting of the hurricane.

"Once again, the racists and anti-Semites are exploiting a tragedy of great proportion and one that binds the nation to spew their hatred and seek to divide the nation," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director.  "While they may be small in number, their reach through the Internet is of great concern.  Their messages of hate must be countered by the good words of good people."

Hoping for Genocide

As Hurricane Katrina made its way across the Gulf of Mexico, heading for a Louisiana landfall, white supremacists speculated on its possible effects.  Many, realizing that over two-thirds of New Orleans residents were African-American, hoped that the hurricane would be deadly:

• "It almost appears to me that the hand of gods [sic] is reaching down to smite the Southern Babylon."
• "I'm of the opinion that Mother Nature would be doing everybody a favor by cleansing the inner city."
• "It would be great if all the Whites could be evacuated and they could leave the groids/muds behind but  we know that won't happen.  The best we can hope for is that the best architecture stands and the  casualties keep the n----r funeral homes busy."

Wishes for mass casualties became common among white supremacists as the hurricane approached: 

• "Let us bow our heads and pray together that half the jig population of New Orleans stayed behind to do  some lootin' and this one finishes them all off.  And Lord, let's hope all the faggots in the French   Quarters stay as well."  
• Another poster was quick to add, "Don't forget the jews, dotheads, and latrinos that have infested N.O.  like the termites invasion they have been having." 

Other comments included the following:

• "Let us pray and pray hard that nature's ethnic cleansing takes place."
• "Mother Nature is a bitch and I don't have a problem with that at all.  Especially when it leads to the   possible culling of species detrimental to my race and country."
• "For real excitement, imagine New Awleenz after that Category 5 n----r-killer hitz, oh baby, the stench!"
• "They should pile up all the n-----s and use them as human sand bags against the rising storm surge."
• "Too bad there wasn't an NAACP and LaRaza convention there this weekend."
• "That's why Hurricane Katrina needs to wipe out the French Quarter and every faggot in it, along with  the rest of that n----r-infested city."
• "Nature is washing the city out and if every n----r, fag, fruitloop and Third World POS drowned today, the   country would be better off."

When mass deaths did not occur, white supremacists expressed disappointment.  "8,000 n----s piled into a football stadium and God has his one chance to throw a hurricane at them and misses," complained one member of the neo-Nazi group White Revolution. 

Anti-Semitism: Blaming the Jews

Inevitably, issues of anti-Semitism entered into white supremacist discussions of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.  Some white supremacists went so far as to blame the hurricane's destruction on Israel:  "If Bush hadn't stolen the levee building money to give tax breaks to the rich, and to fight Israel's wars for them, this may well enough not have happened." 

Many white supremacists claimed that Jews were controlling the media's reporting on the hurricane.  "It's sickening," wrote one Maryland poster to the neo-Nazi forum Stormfront, "to hear the Jew media put their spin on stories like this, using their 'Goyim' newscaster." 

Others asserted Jews would soon profit from the destruction:

• "Anyone want to bet that the next thing you will see are jew lawyers suing businesses, governments,  etc., blaming them for not properly protecting some from harm from the hurricane?" 
• "Let me guess, an obese n----r woman will eat some week old meat with E-coli that she looted from a  grocery store.  She will get sick and then find a Jew attorney to sue the store." 
• "F----n' kike speculators are already makin' a bundle on this!"

Some white supremacists used the hurricane to make comparisons between African-Americans and Jews:

• "This New Orleans Hurricane Katrina is a classic example of true opportunistic n----r behavior  (maybe  that's why jews like n----s to much, they are both opportunistic parasites, the n----s are just ignorant  version of jews)."  
• "Whites are gentlemen humans with honor and virtue.  N-----s are savage, predatory animals.  That  said, Jews are a highly advanced form of n----."

Ridiculing the Victims

After the hurricane hit, white supremacists were quick to express concern for fellow racists who might have been caught in the storm's fury.  One racist wished another well:  "Good luck and bless you, your family, and even your dogs."  A poster to the neo-Nazi Vanguard News Net VNN) forum wrote that "my heart goes out to those good salt-of-the-earth southern White folk who will be hurt by this disaster."

They were also quick to express a desire to come to the aid of fellow white supremacists, such as former Klansman David Duke, whose house in Mandeville was damaged by the hurricane and whose family home was flooded (Duke himself was in Eastern Europe when the hurricane hit).

Some racists wanted to offer assistance to hurricane victims, but were afraid that their money might actually aid non-whites: 

• "Wouldn't any donation only go to the blacks and hispanics?  I personally would like a guarantee that  my donation would go to WHITES ONLY." 
• A Portland, Oregon, white supremacist agreed, posting to the Resistance Records message board that  they should not "feel sympathy for the black scum that is stealing from New Orleans and send them  aid; rather we should feel sorry for our own race and culture." 

 However, there was no sympathy in their hearts for non-white victims of the hurricane.  "I am so sick of  hearing white people say that they feel sorry for these n--s," posted one Florida white supremacist to   Stormfront.  "That's what I have been hearing since this hurricane hit."  

Others agreed.  "What's amazing to me," wrote one Stormfront regular, "is that their (biological) urge to commit crime was so strong that they were stupid enough to risk their own lives by staying around in New Orleans."  Many white supremacists claimed that looting in New Orleans was proof that African-Americans were savage and subhuman.

Instead of wishing to help the victims, some white supremacists wanted to kill them.  "Oh, to be in NO with a powerboat and a high powered rifle," wrote one VNN poster, "Good thing I'm not on rescue there.  I'd wave at the n----s and keep on going.  It isn't like they'll swim and catch you.  According to news I am hearing, water is still rising there due to large breach in levee.  Hopefully, there will be thousands of bloated jigs floating when this is all over." 

White people, wrote one white supremacist on VNN, "are running around trying to save everything, including stupid, useless n-----s…We need ethnic cleansing on a massive scale in this country.  F—k sending them back to Africa, we should just sweep them into the sea.  Sharks gotta eat too."

The Anti-Defamation League, founded in 1913, is the world's leading organization fighting anti-Semitism through programs and services that counteract hatred, prejudice and bigotry.

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Update: Racists Stir Hate In Katrina Aftermath

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