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White Supremacists Plan 'Family Friendly' Events In Honor Of Hitler's Birthday

New York, NY, April 6, 2009 A series of so-called "family friendly" gatherings are being planned by white supremacists and neo-Nazis to commemorate the anniversary of Adolf Hitler's birth on April 20th, according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which monitors hate groups in the United States.


Hate groups typically use Hitler's birthday as an occasion to rally around his anti-Semitic and racist vision of a world dominated by the "Aryan race."  This year, they are encouraging members to bring their friends, families, and even children to meetings in several states where they will celebrate the achievements of Hitler, who one group describes as "one of the greatest heroes of the White Race."


"The Hitler celebrations are a cynical and perverted way for hate groups to organize, to unify, to spread their hate-filled message and to recruit," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director.  "That they are doing it this year under the rubric of providing a 'family friendly' environment shows the lengths they will go to reach out to the unaffiliated and attempt to pass on their hateful ideology to future generations."


Hitler birthday celebrations are scheduled to take place in Florida, Missouri, North Carolina and at another undisclosed location, according to extremist sites and discussion groups monitored by ADL.  As in the past, some hate groups are encouraging their loyalists to distribute racist leaflets in the run-up to Hitler's birthday, which this year falls on the day before Holocaust Memorial Day.  Leaflet distributions may take place in Ohio, Oregon, Missouri and elsewhere around the country throughout the month of April.


Among the events being publicly promoted by white supremacist groups:


  • Florida: The Confederate Hammerskins, a group associated with the neo-Nazi Hammerskin Nation, plans to host "The Fuhrer's Birthday Party" on April 18 in New Port Richey, Florida.  It is being touted as a "family friendly" event that will feature white power bands and other entertainment.
  • Missouri: The National Socialist Movement will host its national meeting and commemorate the 35th anniversary with a gathering in the St. Louis area, April 17-18.  The event is open to "all known White Patriots" and will include a "family friendly" dinner, a march or rally, and an after-event party with live entertainment.  To further promote their views, the group's Ohio, Oregon, and Missouri units had planned flier distributions.
  • North Carolina: The white supremacist Troops of Tomorrow is hosting an "Adolf Hitler" celebration on April 18 with speeches glorifying Hitler and "family friendly" games and activities for children.
  • Undisclosed location: A white supremacist based in Chicago, Illinois is promoting an event to be held at an undisclosed location where it will be possible "to meet other like-minded people and celebrate the Great One's 120th birthday."  The event calls for "All White Nationalists" to participate in the celebration, which will include speeches by several well known figures in racist circles, including Ted Junker, a former German SS soldier and founder of a Wisconsin museum devoted to Hitler; Art Jones, a longtime white supremacist and former member of the National Socialist White People's Party; and Eli James, a minister in the virulently anti-Semitic Christian Identity movement.
  • Other events: The League has posted additional events and information on its Web site, where it also maintains a database of upcoming extremist events.

The Anti-Defamation League, founded in 1913, is the world's leading organization fighting anti-Semitism through programs and services that counteract hatred, prejudice and bigotry.

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