Survey of Racist Skinhead Groups and Incidents 2002-2007

This map provides state-by-state survey of recent and current racist skinhead groups, as well as significant criminal incidents involving unaffiliated racist skinheads.

Because of the loosely organized nature of the racist skinhead subculture, and the frequency with which groups begin, divide, fall apart, and reform, it is only by looking at the combination of currently active groups, recently active groups, and incidents involving unaffiliated racist skinheads that a complete picture of the level of activity in an area emerges.

Important Reminder: Though a particular racist skinhead group broke up or became inactive a year or two ago, its significance should not be discounted because the former members of that group are likely to still live in the area and to remain active racist skinheads. Although some states show no organized racist skinhead groups, there are unaffiliated racist skinheads in every state.

2009 Anti-Defamation League