Hoosier State Skinheads (HSS)
The largest, most active organized skinhead group in Indiana, with approximately 20 members believed to be operating out of Indianapolis, Knightstown, Lafayette, Muncie and New Castle. Legal businesses operated by HSS members include tattoo parlors in Valparaiso, Indiana. HSS also recently absorbed the core membership of the Outlaw Hammerskins living in Chicago and Indianapolis. Hoosier State Skinhead member Eric Fairburn, a.k.a. Eric Wolf, was allegedly involved in several assaults and stabbings in the state of Missouri (see Midland Hammerskins/Midland Skins section under Missouri).

National Socialist White People’s Party
A tiny neo-Nazi group, based in Indianapolis, which attracts a few independent skinheads.

Vinlanders Social Club Originating in Knightstown, Indiana, the Vinlanders started off as a loose association of members of different racist skinhead groups from Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan, including the Hoosier State Skinheads and the Ohio State Skinheads. Knightstown remains the home of the group leader Brien James. The Vinlanders Social Club is a hardcore group whose members, some of whom also belong to other racist skinhead groups, are active primarily in the Midwest and Arizona, although there are members in other states as well. Indiana has the most concentrated membership in the Midwest. Many members have criminal records. As it cohered, the group began to expand, with core Vinlanders visiting other racist skinhead groups around the country looking for potential recruits, using a "prospect" system similar to that used by the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang. In a short period of time, the Vinlanders grew to have over a hundred members, prospects, and associates, and also developed rivalries with a variety of other white supremacist groups.
    March 26, 2007: Three members of the Vinlanders Social Club were arrested in Marion County in Indianapolis, Indiana, on March 26, 2007. Timothy Dumas, 22, of Indianapolis, Eric Fairburn, 32, also of Indianapolis, and Joshua Kern, 24, of Knightstown, were arrested for allegedly assaulting a 35-year-old homeless African-American male. The three men allegedly punched and kicked him repeatedly, before fleeing in their vehicle. All three men were charged with battery with injury, and battery. Brass knuckles were seized by the police at the scene.
Unaffiliated Skinheads
April 2002: A racist skinhead, James D. Torkelson, was arrested in St. Joseph County, Indiana, after leaving the home of Richard “Rick” Loy, Grand Dragon of the National Knights of the KKK. Torkelson was wanted by the state of Oregon on charges of kidnapping, assault and robbery, for an incident that involved a planned attack on a rival anti-racist skinhead gang. One of the individuals planning to participate in the attack allegedly backed out and was punished by four other members of the group who reportedly held her for four days against her will and beat her. Torkelson was convicted of kidnapping and assault in Oregon and is serving a prison sentence of more than 20 years.

January 2002: Karen Helton was arrested for the murder of Jamie D. Weeks, a pregnant woman who had been expected to testify in the hate crime trials of several racist skinhead associates accused of shooting a 14-year-old black Indianapolis girl. Helton’s boyfriend, Trevor D. Thompson, suspected of being the triggerman in the shooting of the 14-year-old, was an active member of the World Church of the Creator (now known as the Creativity Movement) and also a member of the Nazi Low Riders. Thompson pleaded guilty to attempted murder of the 14-year old girl and was sentenced to thirty years in prison in 2002. Helton pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter of Weeks and received a 28-year sentence.

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Terror Plot in Tennessee
On October 22, 2008, the Crockett County, Tennessee, Sheriff's Office, along with agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), uncovered and prevented what could have been the deadliest extremist shooting spree in years, designed to culminate with the assassination of Barack Obama.

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The skinhead subculture was not originally racist —and, in fact, today around the world there remain many non-racist or explicitly anti-racist skinheads (often called sharps, for “skinheads against racial prejudice”).

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