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  New England Region (Boston)
Safeguarding Freedom

Fighting Discrimination

From advocating for the rights of employees being forced to work on religious holidays, to participating on coalition efforts to fight anti-gay discrimination or ban bilingual education, ADL's New England office is continually fighting discrimination at both the individual and group level. We are leaders in promoting legislation that inhibits discriminatory conduct, and one of the first places New Englanders turn to when dealing with issues of discrimination.

Protecting Religious Freedom

ADL works diligently to protect the free exercise of religion guaranteed in the First Amendment, and vigorously opposes any attempts to break down the wall between church and state. ADL trains teachers to deal with religious issues in public schools- such as the December Dilemma - and opposes any initiative that could lead to state-sanctioned proselytizing or religious coercion. When necessary, ADL files amicus curiae briefs, builds coalitions, publishes and educates - whatever it takes to continue to protect our religious freedom.

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