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Huckabee’s ‘Christian Leader’ Ads Troubling

November 29, 2007
The Honorable Mike Huckabee
Huckabee for President, Inc.
P.O. Box 2008
Little Rock, AR 72203

Dear Governor Huckabee:

We are concerned by your campaign’s recent advertisement, titled “Believe,” in which a prominent graphic describes you as a “CHRISTIAN LEADER.”

We believe that candidates should feel comfortable explaining their religious perspectives and convictions to voters (which is something you also do in this advertisement). However, by defining yourself as a “Christian leader,” you make a direct appeal for votes on the basis of your religion. This is deeply troubling because, as we wrote to you in October:

…. voters should be encouraged to make their decisions based upon their assessment of the qualifications, integrity and political positions of candidates. Appealing to voters along religious lines can be divisive, and contrary to the American ideal of including all Americans in the political process, regardless of whether they are in a religious minority or ascribe to no faith tradition.

We presume that you seek the presidency in order to be the leader of all Americans, regardless of the faith they hold. We urge you to promote your candidacy accordingly.

A 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, ADL neither supports nor opposes any candidate for political office. ADL has been a longstanding advocate of separation of Church and State.

A copy of our earlier correspondence and our publication, Frequently Asked Questions: Religion and Election Campaigns, are enclosed.


Abraham H. Foxman
National Director

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ADL Reiterates Concern About Role Of Religion In The Presidential Campaign

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