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Deafening Hate
The Revival of Resistance Records
"HateCore" Music Label:
Commercializing Hate

The music is loud, fast and grating. The lyrics

"This music is dangerous. Parents need to be aware that their children are not just listening to rebellious music. Itís music with a message, and the message is hate. The lyrics glorify racism and anti-Semitism, and can encourage acts of violence."

"Resistance Records is a thinly disguised mouthpiece for the most dangerous organized hate group in America. William Pierce is clearly out to position himself and the National Alliance as kingpins of hatecore. Profits from this business will help to further the racist goals of the National Alliance while providing access to a new generation of potential recruits."

-- Abraham H Foxman
National Director,ADL

preach hatred, violence and white supremacy. This is "hatecore" Ė the music of the hate movement Ė newly revived thanks to the acquisition of the largest hate music record label by one of the nationís most notorious hatemongers. Resistance Records is providing a lucrative new source of revenue for the neo-Nazi National Alliance, which ADL considers the single most dangerous organized hate group in the United States today. William Pierce, the group's leader, is the author of The Turner Diaries, a handbook for hate that was read by convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh prior to his April, 1995 bombing attack. The National Alliance stands to reap thousands of dollars from the sale of white supremacist and neo-Nazi music.

Resistance Records, which has had a troubled history, has been revitalized since its purchase last year by William Pierce, leader of the National Alliance. Savvy marketing and the fall 1999 purchase of a Swedish competitor have helped Pierce transform the once-floundering label into the nationís premiere purveyor of "white power" music. Bolstering sales for Resistance Records is an Internet site devoted to the promotion of hatecore music and dissemination of hate literature.

Building a Lucrative Business Selling Hate

Since taking the helm of Resistance Records after wresting control of the company from a former business partner, Pierce has built the label into a lucrative business that boasts a catalogue of some 250 hatecore music titles. His purchase of Nordland Records of Sweden effectively doubled the labelís inventory to 80,000 compact discs. In order to accommodate burgeoning record sales, Pierce has constructed a warehouse on the grounds of his National Alliance headquarters in Hillsboro, W.Va. Meanwhile, Resistance Records reportedly is fielding about 50 orders a day. Assuming that rate, the record company could have annual sales of up to $1 million.

Pierce has also begun marketing the business through the Internet and through the labelís music magazine, Resistance Magazine. The quarterly publication hawks Resistance CDs and related merchandise and presents album reviews and band interviews. Resistance Magazine is edited by Erich Gliebe, the head of the National Alliance in Cleveland and the labelís full-time manager and promoter. The Winter 2000 issue, a glossy, 64-page publication, spoke of "building Resistance Records into the musical arm of the Aryan revolution." As such, the magazine included numerous articles on the hate movement, including an interview with Matt Hale, the high profile, 28-year-old leader of the virulently anti-Semitic and racist World Church of the Creator.

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