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The Revival of Resistance Records
Reviving the Label

In the fall of 1999, Resistance Records purchased a Swedish competitor, Nordland Records, thereby doubling its inventory to include an estimated 250 different titles and nearly 80,000 CDs, and making Resistance the only North American company currently carrying certain CD titles. Pierce is also constructing a warehouse on the grounds of his compound, to store his growing inventory.

Resistance does not record or produce music on the premises. Staff simply fill orders sent in by mail or via the company's black-and-white Web site, which features a full catalog, links, sound clips, updates and ordering information. As of early 2000, according to Eric Wolf, orders were generally filled within a week of placement.

The National Alliance is also promoting Resistance Records with a banner ad appearing on its own Web site that begins with an ironic admonition reminiscent of many of the album descriptions: "SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: The lyrics and images promoted by Resistance Records are not for the faint of heart or the excessively genteel."

Pierce recruited Erich Gliebe, who heads the active, well-organized National Alliance unit in Cleveland, Ohio, to serve as full-time manager and promoter for Resistance Records, working from his home there. A former boxer and hatecore concert promoter, Gliebe's job also includes searching for and signing new talent to the Resistance label, as well as editing Resistance Magazine.

Resistance Magazine's Winter 2000 issue was published in February to a significantly better reception than the previous one. As a glossy, 64-page publication, Eric Wolf noted, the magazine is already "MILES ahead of 99% of other racial magazines out there." Gliebe is listed as sole editor, while Pierce remains publisher. Gliebe's opening editorial discusses his roots and the importance of "White Power music ... to awakening and mobilizing the White youth of today into a revolutionary force to destroy the system," as well as the idea that "We especially want to strengthen our bonds with fellow White nationalists in Europe." Pierce's Message from the Publisher, appearing on the opposite page, amplifies this theme, while speaking of the company's overall aim "to make resistance music have a much bigger impact on young people in the future than it has had in the past" and of "building Resistance Records into the musical arm of the Aryan revolution." The magazine's contents include several band interviews, an interview with Matt Hale, 28-year-old leader of World Church of the Creator, an article on "The Fallacy of Leaderless Resistance," and a piece by Pierce titled "Lies, Murder and Jews: The Columbine High School Massacre," discussing alleged "Jewish media spin" surrounding that horrific event.

Financially speaking, the Resistance label appears to be performing modestly well, relative to the dozens of small, independent music labels operating in the United States. Most CDs listed on the Resistance Records Web site are tagged at $14.88-$15.88. Resistance spends only a few dollars each to produce and ship the CDs, plus a small fraction in band royalties. Lately, the company has reportedly been receiving about 50 orders per day, with each order averaging about $70 worth of merchandise. That adds up to more than $1 million in annual sales. Considering these figures, Resistance Records has the potential to pump substantial monetary muscle into the National Alliance. However, considering its volatile history checkered with constant ownership changes, it remains to be seen what Resistance Records' future holds.

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