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Internet Rumors  
Flier Found at Florida Atlantic University a Hoax
The Anti-Defamation League has fielded concerns about a flier found on the Florida Atlantic University campus and signed by the "Islamic-Arab Students Defense Committee." The flier, according to one e-mail account that has been widely circulated, described Jews as the "most corrupt and violent people on Earth" and called for the university to adopt a series of anti-Semitic policies, including separation of Jewish and Muslim students.

University and Hillel officials have confirmed to ADL that this flier did exist and was found posted on campus. However, it was quickly determined that the flier was a hoax. There is no such group as the "Islamic-Arab Students Defense Committee," and representatives of the Muslim student organization have strongly condemned the flier and distanced themselves from its message. In fact, Muslim students on campus have stated that the message runs counter to everything the group has worked toward.

Hillel professionals said there are open channels of dialogue between Jewish and Muslim students on the Florida Atlantic University campus, and that there have not been any previous anti-Semitic statements by members of the campus Muslim student organization.

ADL's Palm Beach Regional Office has been in contact with numerous university officials and students to offer assistance to respond to the incident and to ensure that the lines of communication between student groups remain open. ADL remains deeply concerned about the incident. The source of the flier remains under investigation.

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