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Security Awareness
ADL has created a comprehensive manual focusing security for the Jewish community designed to help all types of institutions be safe and secure while maintaining an open and welcoming environment.

More About Security

Security Recommendations for the High Holidays

18 Security Best Practices for Jewish Institutions

Community Security Is Everyone's Responsibility (Op-Ed in the JTA, 2/22/12)
The recent attacks against Israeli diplomats abroad, which are suspected to have been carried out by Iran or its proxies, have raised new concerns about the safety and security of American Jewish communities.

Jewish Ritual Objects and Airline Security (.pdf 83 KB)

Dealing with Protestors at Your Jewish Institution (.pdf 81 KB)

Guide to Detecting Surveillance of Jewish Institutions (.pdf 29 KB)

Security for the High Holy Days
Preparing for Holy day (and every day) security in a calm and rational manner. (.pdf 103 KB)

This ad appeared in the Forward, the national magazines of the Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox movements, as well as in regional publications, beginning September 2008.
(.pdf 327 KB)

New Security Manual Chapter: Crisis Management
Crisis situations call for good organization. Learn how to handle an event that can, within a short period of time, harm your institutionÍs constituents, facilities, finances or reputation.
(.pdf 256 KB)

Choosing a Security Contractor
What you need to know to help your institution make informed choices when employing a security contractor. (.pdf 120 kb)

FBI advisory: What Should You Do If You Receive a Suspicious Letter or Package (.pdf 219 kb)

Responding to the Westboro Baptist Church (.pdf 116 KB)


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