Security Planning
Physical Security and Operations
Relationships with Emergency Personnel
Security in Jewish Communal Life
Explosive Threat
Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
Armed Assaults and Suicide Bombers
Considerations for Schools and Summer Camps
Guidelines for Hiring a Security Contractor
Post-Incident Procedures
Security for the High Holy Days and Other Special Events
Bomb Threat Checklist
Suspicious Object Checklist
Crisis Management

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Using This Manual

This security awareness manual is designed to help you begin the process of thinking about security for your institution.

However, it is by no means an exhaustive treatment on the subject of security — no such document exists. Moreover,
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.pdf: requires Adobe Reader
it is not a security plan for your institution.

Rather, it is a series of security considerations.

What distinguishes security considerations from a list of security recommendations? The set of facts and circumstances unique to every institution will dictate what you choose to implement. You know your institution, you know its finances and you know what security measures constituents will accept (and what leadership can help constituents learn to accept). Thus, when we offer suggestions or lists, you must evaluate those thoughts in light of your institution’s needs.

You must bear in mind that not every item on a list is applicable to your institution and that not everything applicable to your institution is on these lists .

One way to use this manual is as a starting point for a conversation with you, selected members of your staff, lay leadership and a security professional who can assess your institution firsthand.

All this said, we believe this manual will be helpful as you begin the process of developing a plan for your institution.

Remember: Your ADL Regional Office is a resource available to you.

This manual is intended to help institutions become aware of basic security considerations. It is not intended to provide comprehensive, institution-specific advice on security matters nor is it meant to replace the advice of a security professional. For comprehensive, institution-specific security advice, a security professional should be consulted. ADL specifically disclaims any and all responsibility for, and is not responsible for, any loss or damage arising out of the use, nonuse or misuse of this information
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