Schooled in Hate: Anti-Semitism on Campus

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ADL On Campus

The Anti-Defamation League has worked hard to counteract bigotry and anti-Semitism on campus through the ongoing work of its Department of Campus Affairs/ Higher Education, its Civil Rights Division, Regional Offices and its A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE Institute.

ADL response to these problems is focused in four distinct areas:

1. Providing consultative services to the campus Jewish community throughout the country in responding to anti-Semitic outbreaks

2. Providing timely information through the dissemination of ADL research materials, prepared advertisements and widespread campus speaking engagements

3. Providing consultative services to the non-Jewish campus community in responding to other forms of hate on campus

4. Ongoing programmatic initiatives.

These provide ADL with both a reactive and proactive capability in its campus-related work.

ADL provides a number of specific services to Hillel foundations and other segments of the Jewish community on campus faced with anti-Semitic incidents. These include:

* Making available research materials and documented reports detailing the background and operations of extremist speakers and organizations appearing on many campuses. Such information provides the basis of a national concerted and systematic response to such individuals and groups.

* Consulting with individual Hillel bodies and Jewish groups on the most effective strategies and tactics for responding to such episodes on campus. These often include input from the ADL Legal Affairs Department on effective use of the legal and criminal justice systems to respond to specific situations.

* Providing print and audiovisual materials for counteraction efforts. These have included such items as a video rebuttal to the anti-Semitic positions of CCNY Professor Leonard Jeffries; a video and study guide responding to the teaching of hatred in the college classroom (focusing on the Tony Martin case); ADL publications outlining the background and tactics of Holocaust deniers; an ADL Home site on the World Wide Web; ADL advertisements in campus newspapers responding to the Nation of Islam or to Holocaust denial, and an ADL Campus Counteraction Kit that has been provided to all Hillel foundations.

* Serving as a liaison between the Jewish campus community and law enforcement personnel in dealing with hate crimes on campus.

* Visits to specific troubled campuses by ADL professionals who will speak to the campus community and meet with key student, faculty, staff and administrative leaders. The ADL-Hillel campus Crisis Management Team represents a particularly innovative initiative. The Team is composed of selected representatives of ADL, national Hillel and respected professionals from academe and community service agencies who are available on short notice to respond to such specific challenges as Holocaust denial, Black-Jewish conflict and anti-Israel agitation.

The Department of Campus Affairs/Higher Education administers a number of national programs that have proven their worth in the field. Such programs not only seek to react to specific crises but also train Hillel staff, faculty and students in specific areas of community relations and crisis response. These include:

* The Albert Finkelstein Memorial Campus Editors Mission to Poland and Israel, which brings 15 to 20 campus newspaper editors on an annual voyage of discovery to Israel and to the principal sites of the Holocaust. Upon the group's return to campus, ADL Regional Directors and Hillel campus directors maintain an ongoing relationship with the participants.

* The various programs of the Samuel and Mildred Levine Institute to Combat Bigotry on Campus, including:

-- the production of print and video materials.

-- regional conferences for Jewish students on responding to anti-Semitism.

-- regional conferences for Jewish faculty.

-- the Crisis Management Team program.

-- an annual national teleconference for the campus Jewish community.

* The ADL A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE Institute provides anti-bias education and training on college and university campuses. The Institute's A CAMPUS OF DIFFERENCE program is an important bridge between the diverse constituencies that exist on our nation's campuses. A CAMPUS OF DIFFERENCE training programs have already been initiated at more than 80 campuses around the country.

More than 400 campuses use A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE and ADL materials in their own in-house training. An ADL video entitled Facing Difference: Living Together on Campus (developed in association with the National Association for Campus Activities) is used in the orientation program at several hundred colleges and universities.

National Campus Affairs and Regional Office staff prepare and conduct pre-freshman orientation programs for Jewish high school students going on to colleges and universities and provide summer programs for Jewish college students who are returning to campus. Such programs have been and are being conducted in Chicago, Detroit, Long Island, Westchester County (NY), Houston and at Jewish summer camps.

The college and university campus has emerged as one of the primary battlegrounds in the ongoing struggle against organized and politicized anti-Semitism in the United States. The Anti-Defamation League is committed to fighting this battle with all appropriate resources.

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