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David Duke: In His Own Words

On Blacks
On the KKK
On Segregation
On Jews
On the Holocaust
On Immigration
On Homosexuals

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The most recent information about David Duke can be found in the David Duke entry in the Extremism in America section of the Web site.
On the KKK

"There are different Klans just like there are different fraternities in college."

Newsweek, September 1990

"I want to leave no one with the impression that the Klan is a hopeless cause, or that I think it is essentially a negative force in America. The Klan is growing and improving all the time. Men like Louis Beam, Don Black, Chuck Bushong and many others are some of the very finest men America possesses. Additionally, I will never publicly denigrate the Ku Klux Klan, or its legitimate leaders. The last eight years in which I had various leadership roles in the Klan were the most fulfilling and exciting of my life. I want to wish Don Black and all Klanspeople the best of luck, and thank them for all their support in this sacred cause."

Letter announcing Duke's resignation from the Klan which accompanied the first issue of NAAWP News (National Association for the Advancement of White People), 
August 1980.

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This report was originally issued in May 2000

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