David Duke: In His Own Words


As Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1970s, David Duke urged Klan members to "get out of the cow pasture and into hotel meeting rooms." For the past 25 years, he has increasingly attempted to follow his own advice, by using code words, and increasingly disguising his ideas behind more mainstream conservative-sounding rhetoric. As a result, in 2000 David Duke remains one of the most dangerous extremists in America.

Starting as a small-time leader of a campus white supremacist organization at Louisiana State University in the early 1970s, Duke, now 49, has had many incarnations. In an attempt to demystify Klan ritual, he renamed the position of Grand Wizard "National Director," and referred to cross burnings as "illuminations." In 1980, Duke resigned from the KKK and formed a "political organization" to promote the cause of "White Rights," The National Association for the Advancement of White People (NAAWP). He has also unsuccessfully attempted to host a racist radio talk show program in Louisiana.

Another tactic in Duke's strategy of "mainstreaming" racism has been his effort to run for political office. Although he was elected to the Louisiana State Legislature in 1989, as a political candidate Duke has been largely unsuccessful, losing bids for Governor and the U.S. Senate in Louisiana, and for President of the United States in 1988 and 1992.  Most recently, in May, 1999, he lost the race for US Congress. Although he has been repudiated by the national leadership of the Republican Party, currently he is serving as party chairman for the St. Tamany Parish in Louisiana.

In November 1998, he self-published My Awakening, a 700-page autobiographical magnum opus of Duke's racism, anti-Semitism, and bigotry.

In January 2000, Duke announced the formation of a new organization, NOFEAR (The National Organization For European American Rights), whose purpose is to "defend the civil rights of European Americans."

Since the formation of his new organization, Duke has made no secret of his allegiances to other racist and anti-Semitic organizations. He has reportedly appeared at a variety of extremist events, including a meeting of The American Friends of the British National Party in March, and an American Renaissance conference in April, 2000. In addition, in keeping with the stated goals and political ideology of NOFEAR, he has appeared at various pro-Confederate flag, anti-immigrant, and anti-affirmative action rallies. He also claims to have completed another book, which will be entitled "The Ultimate Supremacism," which he says will be released in the fall of 2000, and is currently working on another book "about the spiritual aspect of the struggle to preserve and protect our heritage."

The following three decades of quotations demonstrate that, no matter how David Duke attempts to recreate himself, his own words reveal that he has always been and remains David Duke, the hatemonger.

On Blacks

"When the American people saw the LA riots and crowds of Blacks cheering O.J. Simpson (who was acquitted by the almost all Black jury), they received a peek into their future."

- Duke Web Site May, 2000

"Hate crimes against Whites receive little attention, while crimes against minorities become national headlines. By focusing on crimes against minorities, the national media is fanning the flames of racial hatred against Whites and leads to more anti-White attacks," states Duke. "The cover up of the racial aspect of this case should make one think that Atlanta Braves baseball player John Rocker is right about NewYork."

- -Press release on Dukeís web site 12/23/99 

"Increasingly independent black economic, cultural and political power gave Blacks more freedom to do what came natural to them. Divorced from White influence and culture, they reverted quickly to their genotype -- increasingly typical of black societies around the world. Males exhibited exaggerated sexual aggression and promiscuity that led to the dissolution of the Black nuclear family in America. Females reverted to the age-old African model of maternal provisioning of children."

≠≠ My Awakening, p. 159 (1998)

"What I learned about them, I liked. But it also seemed that the liberal line was not entirely correct, for it was obvious that racial differences went far beyond skin color. It would be difficult to categorize all the distinctions I noticed. In fact, I made no effort to catalogue them at the time, but their differences ranged all the way from physical characteristics to more subtle differences such as extreme aversion for work in cold weather. On cold days, when I felt invigorated, my black co-workers seemed lethargic."

≠≠ My Awakening, p. 29 (1998)

"I won my constituency. I won 55 percent of the white vote."

≠≠ Duke, after losing the Louisiana gubernatorial race,
quoted in The News (Dallas, TX), December 19, 1991

"What we really want to do is to be left alone. We don't want Negroes around. We don't need Negroes around. We're not asking ≠≠ you know, we don't want to have them, you know, for our culture. We simply want our own country and our own society. That's in no way exploitive at all. We want our own society, our own nation...."

≠- Duke interview with doctoral student Evelyn Rich, who
traveled around the country with Duke while conducting
research for her dissertation on the KKK.   March 1985

"[A] black...gets a job with a white-owned company. He is the only black at the firm. He works hard, but he's fighting a losing battle against his genes."

≠≠ Duke editorial, "The Black Plague."
NAAWP News, Issue 32, 1985

"White people don't need a law against rape, but if you fill this room up with your normal black bucks, you would, because niggers are basically primitive animals.

"It's really the Jew Marxists who see the nigger as their instrument, as their bullets, by which to destroy our society."

≠- The Sun (Wichita, KS), April 23, 1975

On the KKK

"There are different Klans ≠≠ just like there are different fraternities in college."

≠≠ Newsweek, September 1990

"I want to leave no one with the impression that the Klan is a hopeless cause, or that I think it is essentially a negative force in America. The Klan is growing and improving all the time. Men like Louis Beam, Don Black, Chuck Bushong and many others are some of the very finest men America possesses. Additionally, I will never publicly denigrate the Ku Klux Klan, or its legitimate leaders. The last eight years in which I had various leadership roles in the Klan were the most fulfilling and exciting of my life. I want to wish Don Black and all Klanspeople the best of luck, and thank them for all their support in this sacred cause."

≠ Letter announcing Duke's resignation from the Klan which accompanied the first issue of NAAWP News (National Association for the Advancement of White People), 
August 1980.

On Segregation

"I don't see anything wrong with a neighborhood association wanting to keep their neighborhood a certain way or their apartment complex a certain way. I don't see anything wrong with white kids wanting to go to school with white children, or black kids wanting to go to school with black kids."

≠≠ "David Duke Conservative Hotline," January 5, 1994

"Our clear goal must be the advancement of the white race and separation of the white and black races. This goal must include freeing of the American media and government from subservient Jewish interests."

≠≠ "Klan Code of Conduct," Duke Speaks Out, a column in the Crusader (newspaper of the Knights of the KKK, then led by David Duke), November 1978

On Jews

In September, 1999, Duke met with Communist Duma deputy Albert Makashov, a Russian nationalist, at the editorial offices of Zavtra, a nationalist newspaper. The following quotes are taken from The Moscow Times (10/16/99):

  • "Russiaís biggest problem is organized crime and its leaders are influenced by the Russian mafia," Duke said. "But itís not right to call it a Russian mafia, itís a Jewish mafia."
  • "The Russian Federation has a growing Moslem minority, which is causing cultural and religious clashes. This is similar to mass immigration of Mexicans to America, and certain presidential candidates are tailoring their campaigns to get Mexican votes."

"We Aryans are those of European descent who are racially conscious and who have committed our lives to our people's survival and evolutionary advancement. We shall do our duty. We shall not surrender our freedom and our very existence to Jewish or any other power. We shall preserve our heritage and our hard-won rights and freedoms. We shall guide our people up the evolutionary stairway to the stars."

≠≠ My Awakening, p. 469 (1998) 

"Jewish power is ubiquitous. Every politician is so aware of it that he knows he cannot dare mention it! Jewish organizations, Jewish media and Jewish political agents ruthlessly seek their perceived interests without remorse and without introspection. Just as single-mindedly as they once orchestrated the Russian Revolution, they now coordinate their power over the goyim. No Jewish leader has to direct his minions to seek political control of Gentile nations; they do it as naturally as the Blue Jay appropriates another bird's nest. No one has to tell Jews to destroy Gentile pride, heritage, honor, loyalty, tradition, while at the same time building up their own. It is in their programming."

≠≠ My Awakening, p. 463-4 (1998)

"They thoroughly dominate the news and entertainment media in almost every civilized nation; they control the international markets and stock exchanges; and no government can resist doing their bidding on any issue of importance. They can coalesce against any state that resists their power, whether it [sic] economic extortion of a billion dollars from Switzerland or the violent carpet bombing of Iraq. The cohesion of the Jewish people is indeed the context of the New World Order, and with it they propose to extend their totalitarian denial of free speech from Europe and Canada to the nation that was once the most free in the world: the United States."

≠≠ My Awakening, p. 463 (1998)

"The Jews are trying to destroy all other cultures...as a survival mechanism...the only Nazi country in the world is Israel."

≠≠ Ros Davidson interview, May 13, 1990
(quoted in the San Francisco Examiner,
November 13, 1991)

"They're trying to exterminate our race. I think, probably in a moral sense, the Jewish people have been a blight. I mean as a whole, not every Jew. And they probably deserve to go into the ashbin of history. But saying that and actually shooting or killing people in masses, are two different things. I'm not advocating extermination. I think the best thing is to resettle them in someplace where they can't exploit others. And I don't think they can live among themselves, I really don't."

≠≠ Evelyn Rich interview, February 1986

"These Jews who run things, who are producing this mental illness ≠≠ teenage suicide...all these Jewish sicknesses...that's nothing new. The Talmud's full of things like sex with boys and girls."

≠≠ Evelyn Rich interview, March 1985

"Jewish people have put the interests of race over the interests of the American people.... Jews are filled with more hatred and rage for our race, for our heritage, for our blood than perhaps you can imagine."

≠≠ Heritage Florida Jewish News (coverage of a Duke appearance at a Florida Klan rally near Clearwater),
November 17, 1978

On the Holocaust

"While helping hundreds of thousands of refugees, Red Cross volunteers undoubtedly heard stories of Nazi brutality and rumors of mass gassings and they noted those rumors and kept an eye out for any evidence of them, but they saw nothing to indicate that the rumors were true."

-- My Awakening, p. 430 (1998)

"The official keepers of the Holocaust wage an international campaign to silence the disturbing questions. Most people never even hear the revisionist position because Jewish forces dominate the media and block mainstream access to material that questions Holocaust orthodoxy."

≠≠ My Awakening, p. 430 (1998)

"Did you ever notice how many survivors they have? Did you ever notice that? Everybody – every time you turn around, 15,000 survivors meet here, 400 survivors convention there. I mean, did you ever notice? Nazis sure were inefficient, weren't they? Boy, boy, boy! ...You almost have no survivors that ever say they saw a gas chamber or saw the workings of a gas chamber...they'll say these preposterous stories that anybody can check out to be a lie, an absolute lie."

≠≠ Evelyn Rich interview, March 1985

Duke: "Obviously, Jews gain certain advantages by promoting the Holocaust idea. It inspires tremendous financial aid for Israel. It makes organized Jewry almost immune from criticism. Whether the Holocaust is real or not, the Jews clearly have a motive for fostering the idea that it occurred. Not only do they have a motive, but they have the means with the media domination they now hold.

Hustler: "Do you really doubt the Holocaust occurred?

Duke: "Let's put it this way. I question whether 6 million Jews actually died in Nazi death camps. There are two major sources for Holocaust stories. One is the Nuremburg war-crimes trial, which has been shown by all honest historians to be a farce of justice. Another source is the great body of literature and media work, and at least 90% of that material is from biased Jewish sources."

≠≠ Hustler interview, reprinted in NAAWP News,
 Issue #18, August 1982

On Immigration

"We are fighting for the preservation of our heritage, freedom and way of life in the United States and much of the Western World. Ultimately, we are working to secure the most important civil right of all, the right to preserve our kind of life. Massive immigration and low European American birthrates coupled with integration and racial intermarriage threatens the continued existence of our very genotype. We assert that we, as do all expressions of life on this planet, have the right to live and to have our children and our childrenís children reflect both genetically and culturally our heritage."

- Duke Web Site May  2000  

"As America is transformed from a 90 percent European American nation, as it was in the 1960s, to one where we will soon be a minority, should we not ask some pertinent questions. Is this racial diversity enriching, or will it be damaging to our social fabric?"

- Duke Web Site May  2000  

"New York has become an example of everything that is wrong with America. White Americans, fearing the crime and social alienation in New York City, commute endless hours to raise their families in safe, clean neighborhoods. The numbers of non-Americans, especially those from the Third World, are growing, and it is the hard working White New Yorker that pays the bill," said Duke.

-- Press release on Dukeís web site 12/23/99 

"More than 95 percent of both legal and illegal immigration into the United States is non-white. Because of the way immigration law is structured, the highest-skilled nations on earth -- those of Europe -- are allowed only a tiny percentage of immigrants, while the third world nations such as Mexico are dumping their chaff onto American shores at the highest rate in history."

≠≠ My Awakening, p. 177 (1998) 

"...Immigration along with nonwhite birthrates will make white people a minority totally vulnerable to the political, social, and economic will of blacks, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and Orientals. A social upheaval is now beginning to occur that will be the funeral dirge of the America we love. I shudder to contemplate the future under nonwhite occupation; rapes, murders, robberies multiplied a hundred fold, illiteracy such as in Haiti, medicine such as in Mexico, and tyranny such as in Togoland.

"Am I an alarmist? Is my vision unreal? All one has to do is look around this globe and see the Third World reality. Are whites holding every one of the nonwhite countries down, or are we in fact pumping billions of dollars into them along with every technological aid that the West can produce? And now the West itself is gradually being enveloped by nonwhite immigration. The exploding numbers of nonwhites are slowly wrapping formerly white nations in a dark human cocoon. Shall a butterfly emerge, or the beast that has haunted the ruins of every great white civilization that submitted to invasion by immigration and racial miscegenation?

"It's time to shoot down the illusion that emasculates us. In South Africa, in Zimbabwe (once proud Rhodesia), and right here at home it is as if we are terrorized by a fly, a miserable, tiny housefly. Mesmerized by the mass media we think that this fly is a tiger, so we give it whatever it wants, when if we only had the vision and the will we could dispatch the creature with a flick of our wrist. The white race could choose any path it wants to take and there is no Third World people that could even stand for a moment in our way. The least we could and can do is protect our borders, stop the nonwhite crime plaguing our cities, stop financing welfare illegitimacy, and separate the races once and for all ≠≠ the least we could and can do is survive. The most we could do is use the genetic knowledge we have now to speed our evolution toward a smarter, stronger, healthier people that can touch the heavens."

≠≠ NAAWP News, Issue #24,
signed article by David Duke, April 1983

On Homosexuals

"Male homosexuals have seduced and abused millions of underage boys. Their unclean sexual habits and ultra-promiscuous lifestyle have resulted in spreading the worst communicable plague in this century, the specter of AIDS, which has not only killed millions of their own, but also millions of others, including tens of thousands who contracted the virus from blood transfusions."

≠≠ My Awakening, p. 203 (1998)

"Homosexuals die decades younger than heterosexuals, from a host of maladies. They suffer mental problems ranging from depression to psychosis, and have suicide rates many times that of heterosexuals."

≠≠ My Awakening, p. 203 (1998)

"Of course you know the miracle of AIDS, we all do. It's the only disease that turns fruits into vegetables."

≠≠ 1993 sound bite from Duke radio show


"When I began to talk publicly about the hatred that was in the Talmud, I was branded a hater, a bigot, and an anti-Semite by the media and by groups like the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. The ADL is a multimillion-dollar, worldwide organization whose whole purpose is to defame and discredit those who simply tell the truth about Jewish supremacism and hatred against Gentiles."

≠≠ My Awakening, p. 265-6

This report was originally issued in May 2000

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