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“It is because of the power, influence and money of the Jewish community that makes Black people afraid to speak up for the hurt that we have received from the hands of some of their people, afraid to associate with those that they dislike.”

Speech at Mosque Maryam,Chicago, 7/11/10

“Every black leader that spoke of economic development was charged with being an anti-Semite... Whenever a Black person look like they gonna step out of line a little bit, hit ‘em with that anti-Semitism, they get right back in line.”

Speech at Mosque Maryam,Chicago, 7/11/10

"I want to sit down and dialogue with members of the Jewish community with no preconditions. That demand for me to apologize comes out of an arrogance that makes one feel that if I am critical of Jewish behavior relative to Black people, that all of a sudden I have to apologize for being critical...I don't think that I should have to apologize unless I am shown that there is something that I have said that is not correct. Then I would have no ask for forgiveness..."

Meet The Press interview, 10/12/97

"...I'm afraid that you [Jewish people] will come to regret the day that I offered you a chance to let us sit down together and dialogue and you, in your emotional reaction, rejected that offer...You will [regret it] because if my influence and growth and power in America does not diminish and it will not, by the help of God, then what benefit would it be to you not to sit down and dialogue with me when the racial problem is not getting any better..."

Fox News Sunday interview, 3/30/97

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