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Farrakhan In His Own Words RULE On Jewish Involvement in the Slave Trade


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“What has remained a secret and not [sic] spoken of is the Jewish involvement in the undoing of Black people and the slave trade and the owners of ships and the selling and dehumanizing of Black people.”

Interview on the Michael Eric Dyson show, 8/23/10

ďListen, Jewish people donít have no hands that are free of the blood of us. They owned slave ships, they bought and sold us. They raped and robbed us. If you canít face that, why you gonna condemn me for showing you your past, how then can you atone and repent if somebody donít open the book with courage, you donít have that, but Iíll be damned, I got it.Ē
Saviours' Day Speech, Chicago, 2/27/05

ďIf we dig, we run into the Jewish pot of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. †

National Black Agenda Convention, Boston, 3/18/04

ďSo when the Jews were punished and beaten and murdered, they left Spain. Where did you go? Went into the Carribean. Went into South America and you became plantation owners. That is why many Jewish people donít want us to talk about reparations. Iím not a hater, just get that out of your mind. My passion is for truth and justice. But no Jewish person who will be brave enough to read your history will come away saying your hands are cleaned. Hereís a book, whereís my book? Here it is Ė itís called The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and JewsÖ One of our brothers, brother Allen, did research in Jewish libraries, he never quoted a rabbi or Jewish scholar who was a hater of the Jewish people. He put out this book.Ē †

Saviours' Day Speech, Chicago, 2/29/04

"Öour fathers were sold, bought, transported, sold again, and bought again mostly by so-called Christians and Jews."

Final Call on-line, 4/25/00

"[U]ntil Jews apologize for their hand in that ugly slave trade; and until the Jewish rabbis and the Talmudic scholars that made up the Hamitic myth -- that we were the children of Ham, doomed and cursed to be hewers of wood and drawers of water -- apologize, then I have nothing to apologize for."

Interview in Swing magazine, 9/24/96

"How did I get to be an anti-Semite...What have I done? I told the truth about Jewish involvement in the slave trade. Your own writers say the same thing. Well, if they're not anti-Semitic for writing it, how the hell am I anti-Semitic for reading what they wrote and then saying it?...I didn't write your history, you wrote it. And then the sad thing, when you confront them with what their scholars have said, they say, 'Well is this part of the old conspiracy talk?'"

Mosque Maryam, Chicago, 3/19/95

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